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Feisty! Would You Try The Bold Spiked Nail Eyebrow Trend?

Feisty! Would You Try The Bold Spiked Nail Eyebrow Trend?

Social media has become a place to get the most hypnotising brow trends of 2018. Just some weeks ago we were intrigued by the fishtail brow trend, and when it seemed like we were getting over it another bold brow trend shows up. The spiked nail eyebrow trend is the most fascinating, dangerous and weird brow trend we’ve seen so far.

It’s beginning to look like there is no limit to how creative makeup artists are willing to be with their brows. Although we have seen makeup artist adorn their brows with flowers and insects, this spiked nail eyebrow trend has to be the wildest one yet. The trend entails glueing wall nails onto your brows; as in ‘beautifying’ the brows with actual nails or other light metal. Weird right? And to think that this trend is going viral thanks to Instagram.


The nails are not actually pierced into the face but glued onto the brow with special gel. Literally, this might just be another version of beauty in the form of pain.

What are your thoughts on this eyebrow trend? Is it a yay or nay for you?

feisty-would-you-try-the-spiked-bold-nail-eyebrow-trendfeisty-would-you-try-the-spiked-bold-nail-eyebrow-trendPhoto Credit: IG | Milanbauranov

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