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6 Streetwear Trends Your Closet Needs Right Now

6 Streetwear Trends Your Closet Needs Right Now


It’s a sunny day and three young women are chatting away. The first is wearing a spaghetti strap top over red cargo pants. The second, a sporty mini dress with matching sneakers, and the third, a burnt umber plaid pants with a matching camisole and an olive drab jacket. She finishes off this look with statement gold jewelry. However, a quick look at the impeccable streetwear of these ladies, one would think that the pandemic was finally over and we were back to the good ol’ fashion weekdays.

This year, fashion trends have taken a 360 turn and streetwear hasn’t been left out. At first, everyone wondered what the fashionable trends would be in 2021 seeing as the pandemic persisted. Even as we spend more time indoors in a bid to flatten the curve, fashionable streetwear trends are still a sought-after staple in 2021. Fashion faithfuls can attest to this.

Here are 6 of the most fashionable streetwear trends for 2021…

#1. Colorful kimonos

Photo: Instagram | @niyabrownmathews

Colorful kimonos are always right as they can be worn at home, at picnics, and at the beach. Since a kimono is breezy and the style is open and flowy, you can style it any way you want, whether with shorts, linen pants, or a denim jacket.

Shop editor’s kimono edit


#2. Tracksuits

Photo: Instagram | @hautecoutureboutiquect

If you want to be rave-worthy while maintaining comfort and style, then it’s got to be a tracksuit set. The comfort they bring and the effortless style appeal these pieces give off is the reason they remain an unopposed champ in streetwear trends.

Shop editor’s tracksuit edit


#3. Loud prints

Prints fashion 2021
Photo: Instagram | @alexunusual

The loud fashion trend is still in on, from ugly shoes to prints that appear tacky but are totally cool. Bold prints are the perfect street style go-to your closet is secretly yearning for. Remember to keep your accessories neutral and simple when wearing a loud print.

Prints fashion 2021
Photo: Instagram | @dadouchic

Shop editor’s statement sandals picks

#4. Statement heel sandals

Photo: Instagram | @victoriouslogan

If your mom could wear every sandal in your closet then you need to switch things up with a few pairs of dramatic footwear. The beauty of street style is how easy it is to freshen up with super stylish footwear. From lace shoes to asymmetric sandals, the options are truly endless this season.

Shop editor’s statement sandals picks


#5. Graphic tees / shirts street wear trends

Photo: Instagram | @idia.aisen

When it comes to streetwear trends, graphic tees are near the holy-grail status. They are also the perfect choice for expressing individuality in the most comfortable and stylish way. You can style them to look semi-formal or casual with statement heels or sneakers, respectively.

Graphic tees trends 2021
Photo: Instagram | @sophinabull
Graphic tees trends 2021
Photo: Instagram | @dianahgwendu

Shop editor’s graphic top edit


#6. Crochet / knitwear

Photo: Instagram | Awed by Monica

Gradually knitwear snuck back into our wardrobes and now high street has an abundance of these classics at generally appealing price tags and alluring colors. Crochet outfits are evolving into a staid look this year as they shapeshift to accommodate various personal styles. A worthy wardrobe staple whose place is indeed on the streets.

Shop editor’s crotchet trend edit


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