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#EyeCandy: Steaming Photos Of Mr. Ideal Nigeria – Earth 2016 Alex Gede

#EyeCandy: Steaming Photos Of Mr. Ideal Nigeria – Earth 2016 Alex Gede

Mr. Ideal Nigeria – Earth 2016, Alex Gede just released these sizzling hot photos from a recent shoot with London celebrity photographer Kraizie Kat. But Alex wasn’t always this sexy! In fact, he was anything but a hot Black man, according to his own testimony. Continue to see more photos and what he looked like before committing to a lifestyle of health and fitness.

In the words of the hot Black man, Alex Gede:

“I am 6’3’’ tall. I was weighing just 64kg back in 2013 and even lower before then. I had eating disorder and was clinically underweight. In 2003 August, I decided to change and be healthier. As I was ashamed to go to the gym, working full-time and family to spend time with, I decided to buy gym equipment to train at home. I had to learn everything myself from workout programs to nutrition and supplements. In 18 months, I managed to add 20kg and got to 84kg.

Hot Black Man Mr Ideal Nigeria Alex Gede

My transformation made me healthier and more confident and increased my love for fitness. With the new-found love for fitness, I started physique competitions and studied to become a qualified personal trainer. My desire to help others motivated me to start up my own company to make things easier for people. My Company trades as which is a one stop website for transforming individuals. The website has featured blogs and short transformation stories like mine to help motivate people. If I can do it, you can too.”

Hot Black Man Mr Ideal Nigeria Alex Gede

Hot Black Man Mr Ideal Nigeria Alex Gede


Hot Black Man Mr Ideal Nigeria Alex Gede


What he looked like before…


He now runs an online store, AGFITZ where he sells health and fitness products and uses his personal story to transform lives.

Photo credit: Instagram | alexgedefitness

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