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Emerging Fashion Brand TAI.LORE Releases Premiere Collection, EKO for Rain 2016

Emerging Fashion Brand TAI.LORE Releases Premiere Collection, EKO for Rain 2016


Burgeoning fashion brand, TAI.LORE under the creative direction of Tomini Tai Osagbemi has released its first ever collection and its quite interesting for a debut lineup. Regardless of how crazy the vivacious city of Lagos may be, a lot of creatives have looked beyond lacking resources and keyed into the essence of Lagos using their personal perspectives and experiences as inspiration.

According to the label’s creative director:

“The Zeitgiest takes you on a journey through time, drawing its core inspiration from Lagos and the 70’s influence in fashion. We live in a city characterized by an up-tempo lifestyle, vibrance, vivacity, luminosity and freedom. From its not so perfect fit to its bright-bold colors that reflect the city’s Vivacity and Luminosity, each feature is clearly and cleverly portrayed. The bird insignia is a significant illustration of “Freedom”, depicted in the official colors of Lagos; red, green, yellow and blue.

Lensed by Aham Ibeleme and styled by The Style InfideL, the collection features Ford Paris’ new signee, Queen Onyemaechi. For a debut range, we are impressed at the brands brilliant inspiration and its translation of its idea of ready-to-wear. One can only hope its next offering will push beyond the comfort zone to leave us gasping for more.

See TAI.LORE Rain 2016 Limited Collection













Creative Team
Photography: Tomini Tai Osagbemi
Styling: TheStyleInfideL
Makeup: Beauty by Bellamere
Models: Queen Onyemaechi and Onwuka Wilson

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