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7 Easy And Effective Skincare Tips For Dry Skin: #Glowup

7 Easy And Effective Skincare Tips For Dry Skin: #Glowup


Iam not going to sugarcoat this. All round dry skin or dry skin patches could make you lose confidence and have you withdrawing into your shell but things don’t have to remain that way. It’s time to call off the pity party and start doing the things that will help you discover the beautiful skin you have beneath the dry patches. 

Dry skin could be caused by a number of issues like genetics, the weather, stress, skincare products or diet. While its causes vary, many of them are actually under your control.

The difference between a person with great skin and another with scaly dry skin is found in the level of commitment they have towards living and looking right. When your skin doesn’t retain enough moisture be rest assured that dry skin is lurking around the corner. So what do you do?

I regret taking good care of my skin”- said no one ever but we see a lot of people with dry skin regret their lifestyle choices. The good news is that your skin can be revived and that glow up you envy can actually be yours.

Here are 7 tips to help you get rid of dry skin…

#1. Exfoliate regularly


To get rid of dead cells and ensure that fresh skin is revealed, exfoliate regularly. You can use skin care products or natural remedies like honey mixed with sugar.

#2. Don’t take hot showers or baths


Hot water is not a friend to your dry skin as it breaks down the lipid barriers in the skin, which decreases moisture. To help alleviate dry skin, take shorter showers using warm water.

#3. Hydrate


We just can’t say it enough, drinking water flushes out toxins that could cause breakouts and makes the skin glow. Consistently drink at least eight glasses of water daily. You won’t believe what you see when you look in the mirror.

#4. Eat fruits and healthy meals


Your eating habits go a long way in reflecting on your skin. Eating junk or unhealthy food is never the answer. If you have to create a feeding routine to aid consistency, by all means. It’s totally worth it.

#5. Avoid harsh skin care products


Good skincare products are definitely not an expense. Don’t be cheap. Read up to determine which product is compatible with your dry skin. Investing in your skin always yields good returns and good skincare products are a great investment.

#6. Always moisturize


It’s never been attractive to come out with dusty white or cracked skin and it won’t start now. Don’t forget to moisturize your lips also. A moisturizer a day keeps the scales away.

#7. Plug in a humidifier


Putting moisture back into your home’s air helps prevent extreme dry skin especially during dry seasons. Invest in a good humidifier and leave it on throughout the night. Tour skin will be eternally grateful.

At Style Rave, we are big on being comfortable in your skin but it better not be dry. Your skin is your largest organ and taking care of it is not an option, so stop wishing you had great skin and go get it.

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