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Dress the Part Series: Calling all Drama Queens, Show Stoppers and Trendsetters!

Dress the Part Series: Calling all Drama Queens, Show Stoppers and Trendsetters!

Mel B high slit red dress

Rihanna neon green blazer

When it comes to style, every woman has a way of communicating who she is and what she stands for by simply wearing clothes that represent her innermost persona. Fashion means a lot to different people and different people use different ways to express their sense of style. Some of us may just do it on a light note while others make it a bit more intense. Say ‘Hello’ to the risk takers; the trendsetters, show stoppers, statement makers and attention seekers!  These group of women generally fall into the drama queen (DQ) category.

Drama queens are not afraid to turn heads whenever they step out. The don’t mind breaking the internet and playing dress-up is their fave sport. Couture, luxury fashion accessories, statement pieces and bespoke products are central to their looks. Their fashion watchwords are bold and flashy and the flashier the better! These ones don’t know what it means to turn down. In fact their guiding mantra is “turn down for what?” They give us layers of fabric, thigh-high slits, belles, fantasy colours, more skin and coloured weaves.

The key to being a respectable drama queen is to own your look and stay true to your style always. Every DQ look must be crowned with a complementing attitude, after all you need to put up a front to prevent people from walking over and questioning your choice of style.

High ranking members of this fashion league include Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose.

Wanna try a bold look for a change? Then let these ones  inspire you to infuse some drama into your style.

Mel B high slit red dress
Mel B
cassie yellow hair
rita ora neon jumpsuit
Rita Ora
amber rose bold style
Amber Rose
bold style
realmisslovely-colourful parts

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