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Meet DJ Spinall – The Most Stylish Disc Jockey That Ever Liveth!

Meet DJ Spinall – The Most Stylish Disc Jockey That Ever Liveth!

DJ Spinall

DJ Spinall

Since the release of DJ Spinall’s second album “Ten”, the rest of the songs on my playlist have taken a back seat as the album has been on replay with Ohema, Don’t Stop, Bubble For Me, Hundred, Ojukokoro, Chop Life, Zebede and Holiday playing on constant repeat. Wait a minute! That is almost all the tracks on the album…..but that’s just how good DJ Spinall is. Whether it’s how he spins his tracks or the unique sense of style he’s become known for, the boy is really a creative’s creative. The Ten album features a seamless fusion of dance-hall, Pop, trap and RnB, but I digress.

Ten - Album cover

There was a time when DJs were heard but almost never seen. Well… those days are far gone as DJs are not only seen or heard but are also getting endorsed by brands. With this new climate, DJ Spinall a.k.a ‘The Cap’ has mastered the craft and has taken the DJ game to a whole new level. His weapon of choice? Style!


Realising the power fashion and style hold when it comes to personal and professional branding, the famed DJ has created a recognizable look that has worked hand in hand with his superb DJ-ing skills to make him the household name he is today.

Always impeccably dressed, DJ Spinall’s style is clean, funky and Afrocentric. From head to toes, you can tell that every outfit he wears is well thought-out and well-constructed.  He tops almost every single look with a signature accessory,  ‘The Cap’, which was birth by two things; first, his love for caps which he inherited from his father and second, being told “it was a Crazy Ass Party” after every of his performances – get it?

Whether he’s wearing a suit, sportswear, casual or native Nigerian attire, his signature African print-designed caps always sets him apart from the crowd. You can easily spot him from kilometers away. With how often he rocks his caps, I can’t help wondering just how many of those he has.

DJ Spinall is definitely one of the most fashionable DJs and these pictures prove it.



DJ Spinall Style







DJ Spinall

DJ Spinall

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