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Dimma Umeh Shares Tips To Sweat-Proof Your Makeup This Summer

Dimma Umeh Shares Tips To Sweat-Proof Your Makeup This Summer


Summer is here and as we know it comes with plenty of amazing things but one near-impossible task which is makeup melting. During summer, the weather becomes so hot and keeping your makeup in place is definitely not an easy feat. From foundation melting down to mascara smearing and oh! the shiny forehead and chin? It can definitely disrupt the fun and the glam.

Popular YouTuber Dimma Umeh in a recent tutorial just shared a few tricks on how to have fun this summer without checking your face every minute. She created a subtle and everyday sweat-proof makeup that you can wear all day and not have to deal with makeup melting.

Dimma Umeh

She first primed her face with an oil-control primer to prevent shiny face. Then further used a setting powder to set her face to ensure the oil also doesn’t find its way out and ruin her day.

Whether you love spending time out or hanging around with friends this summer, Dimma Umeh has some useful tips that can improve your makeup game and ultimately give your makeup the staying power. Looking for makeup inspiration for the season?

Watch the video below and get into practice mood…

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