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Didi And Andrew’s Love Story Will Restore Your Faith In Classic Romance

Didi And Andrew’s Love Story Will Restore Your Faith In Classic Romance


Indeed love is a beautiful thing and irrespective of where you find yourself, be sure that with social media, the world is getting smaller. This increases your chances of finding the one for you no matter which corner of the world they are hiding in. This is the story of fitness enthusiast Ndidi Agha, popularly known as Didi, the founder of Tata Collezioni.

According to Didi, she and her beau, Andrew, met five years ago while he was on assignment in Lagos from Dubai. Being in a relationship at the time, she didn’t pay much attention to him but for Andrew, it was love at first sight. Unable to conquer his quest at the time, he resorted to adding her on Instagram and they remained just casual acquaintances.

Four years later, he finally got her full attention. In July of 2019, he reached out once more and asked for her number and this time, she obliged. The moment she heard his voice for the first time on the phone her heart literally skipped. This would mark the beginning of something magical.  


In this era of quick DMs and shorthand typing, Andrew came as a classic breath of fresh air. He would send Didi handwritten love letters almost weekly as he was back in Dubai and she was in Lagos. For Didi, that was the sweetest gesture she had ever seen. It’s refreshing to know that such men still exist!

She was obviously blown away – I mean, who wouldn’t? A month into the relationship they both knew that this was the real deal and at that point, they reached out to their parents simultaneously and informed them that they had both had found the one. Before long, Didi was en route to Dubai to join her “Prince.”

From Dubai, they both flew into London to formally introduce Didi to Andrew’s mother, and a month later, he popped the question in the most intimate setting. By intimate, we are talking about rose petals and candles with just the two of them. 

On December 21, they had their traditional wedding in what was yet another intimate and magical affair with just family and close friends. For their wedding, the lovebirds chose the hashtag #LoveandMore because that was how Andrew always signed his handwritten love letters to Didi. *Shivers*

Here’s a look at some of the beautiful moments as Ndidi Agha and Andrew found love and more…

The bridal shower


The wedding


Ndidi Agha wedding

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