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#CreativeThoughts: Can I make a Living as a Photographer?
 By àsìkò

#CreativeThoughts: Can I make a Living as a Photographer?
 By àsìkò

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“UK-based photographer Ade Okelarin who goes by àsìkò shared this image today with the caption “can I make money living as an artist?” He posed the question along with a deep response to satisfy the curiosity of aspiring photographers.

Anybody who takes photographs and is reasonably ok and enjoys it, has asked themselves this question …….. multiple times. 

Being a professional photographer is not about how good you are, I know some amazing photographers who don’t really make money from photography. They create stunning images for themselves. I have come across photographers with subpar work who make a good amount of money. So what’s the difference between these two groups? It is how the work is sold.

 How is your work valued? It is usually not the value you think you bring, but the value your clients think you bring and the one they will be willing to pay for. You have to sell on value. What do you bring as a person to the equation? What will people pay for? Just pressing a button on a camera doesn’t cut it, or photoshopping the hell out of a picture is redundant (everybody can do those things)


A wise man once said “If your value is based on your expensive equipment and your ability to press a button, then you are in big trouble.” Your value should come from your ability to tell a great story through your unique perspective. It’s not impossible to make a living in photography, but it’s hard.

Image from a

 commercial lookbook work done for Fashion Brand RAAH.”

So there you have it straight from the mind of an ace photographer. We will be featuring some of the most beautiful images ever captured by àsìkò in the coming days. Be sure to look out for it!

Photographer: @asiko_artist
Models @jemilla_king @joj0lara
Makeup @rayjeweledbeauty

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