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Creative Superstar! Meet Dr. Imoh Imeh, Artist Extraordinaire

Creative Superstar! Meet Dr. Imoh Imeh, Artist Extraordinaire

Meet Dr. Imoh Imeh, an American-Born Nigerian artist and scholar of African diaspora art and aesthetics. Imeh hold a bachelor’s degree in Art History from Columbia University and Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Art History and Philosophy, respectively, from Yale University. A born artist, his masterpieces speak for themselves.

Intense, deep and alive are some of the words that come to mind when viewing Imeh’s works which have earned him numerous awards, recognition, honours and scholarships from such big names as the Nike Corporation. He has participated in a number of highly placed exhibitions and prestigious galleries in places like New Haven, Connecticut and Manhattan, New York.


From early on, Imeh’s unique creative talent never went unnoticed. During his undergraduate studies, from which he graduated with departmental honors, he was named a Columbia University Kluge Scholar for his academic excellence and creative works. His passion for his craft has instigated a desire to impact his knowledge and continue to make relevant contributions in the art world, hence his current position as an Assistant Professor of Art and Art History at Westfield State University, Massachusetts. To learn more about Imeh and his craft, visit Artwork of Imoh Imeh

Photo credit: Imoh Imeh

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