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How To Rock The Colorful Eyeliner Trend This Summer: 16 Looks + Tips!

How To Rock The Colorful Eyeliner Trend This Summer: 16 Looks + Tips!


It’s without doubt that this year, the beauty scene has witnessed an array of fads that relay the message of self-expression. Doing this and more, the colorful eyeliner trend has galvanized makeup enthusiasts everywhere into experimenting iridescence. From beginner lined eyes to unconventional strokes and hues, the beauty hack is on a consistent high!

In other words, the artistic vibe of the colorful eyeliner trend connotes a sense of innovation. Even more exciting, it pays homage to classic eyeliner genres, like that of the beautiful Cleopatra in Egyptian history. Not only has the runway-inspired fad enforced a wave of exquisite looks amidst and post-lockdown, but it also exudes individuality.

Basking in all of its versatile glory, trendsetters like Rihanna and Gigi Hadid have been spotted hopping on the bandwagon. With graphic and vibrant colors that scream bombshell, they embody the makeup trend to a tee.

Whether you’re an out of the box minimalist when it comes to beauty, or an all-round adventurous connoisseur, the colorful eyeliner trend is for you!

Here are some tips on rocking the colorful eyeliner trend…

#1. Color Palettes

When it comes to choosing the perfect color palette for this trend, the possibilities are as eccentric as they are endless. Essentially, all that is required in making the hued decision is your approach to makeup – are you an ethereal and natural devotee, or are you into vivacious techniques? Once you’ve answered these, you can decide to go with neutrals of white, green and brown or bright tones of yellow, blue and purple.

#2. Shapes and techniques

To master the art of the colorful eyeliner trend, all you need are your eyelids as a canvas and your creative intuition. The structure and strokes you draw here are based on how you want to express yourself with the look you’re going for. For instance, the floating cat-eye and empty corner designs can do the trick for subtlety while flamingo wings and crease cutting shapes set the bar for a full-on glam look.

#3. Add another makeup staple for some je ne sais quoi 

Who doesn’t love a little something extra? Here, you get to play around with accessories and makeup jewels to give your colorful eyeliner an upgrade. Think of pearls and rhinestones, or for something gleaming such as glitter. Likewise, glossy lip stains and red lipsticks on a natural face beat or “no makeup” makeup look are stunning with a colorful eyelid.

So empty your makeup bags and grab all the bright eyeliners you can find,  we’ve got you covered with some eye-catching inspiration.

Check out 16 ways to hop on the colorful eyeliner trend…

Pastel shades

blue pastel eyeliner trend stylerave

White straight lines

Accentuated wings

DJ Cuppy colourful eyeliner trends stylerave

white winged coloured eyeliner stylerave
Lungile Thabethe

colourful eyeliner trend stylerave

Metallic lines

Flamingo wings

Some glitter action

orange eye makeup stylerave

Olomide Didi Stone eye makeup trends stylerave
 Olomide Didi Stone

Exaggerated silhouettes 

floating eyeliners stylerave
Bettinah Tianah

Accentuated inner corners

neon green colourful eyeliner trends stylerave

Multi-coloured cat eyes

latest beauty trends stylerave

Floating lines

Shay Mitchell latest beauty trends stylerave
Shay Mitchell

orange colourful eyeliner trends 2020 stylerave

white graphic liners stylerave

latest beauty trends stylerave

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