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Celebrity Style: Peter ‘PSquare’ Okoye’s Favourite Colour Decoded

Celebrity Style: Peter ‘PSquare’ Okoye’s Favourite Colour Decoded

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[dropcap]A[/dropcap] few months ago, Peter Okoye, the outspoken half of the PSquare fame revealed to the world through Instagram that his favourite colour is…. you guessed it, Red! But really, what does colour have to do with anything? Well, according to various psychology experts it has a lot to say about our personalities. How we see things and act, as well as who others perceive us to be can be decoded from our favourite colour. According to, “it is the means to understanding your behavior and your character traits as well as your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states.” In essence, your colour preference reveals how you function, your strengths and weaknesses and even your deepest needs and challenges.

So, diving right into it…in terms of personality what does Red mean? People who love red colour tend to be extroverts and are generally optimistic. They are also very action oriented and determined – love to get things done and are physically active. If Red is your go to colour, then you definitely like to be the center of attention. Do any of these traits describe Peter Okoye so far?

Red personalities are highly ambitious and competitive people. They have a passion and enthusiasm for life and do not shy away from pursuing their dreams and goals. They are very impulsive….and act on the fly with little patience. You certainly do not want to mess around with a Red! – as they can be aggressive, quick to anger and hot tempered. However, they do not hold a grudges – which is a plus! They seem to think they know everything and certainly do not want to appear ignorant.

Now that we decoded Peter’s personality, let’s check out some of his redness in pixels!


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