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The Canadian Tuxedo! The Perfect Denim Styling Option To Slay With This Weekend!

The Canadian Tuxedo! The Perfect Denim Styling Option To Slay With This Weekend!

The Canadian Tuxedo? Despite what its name may suggest, the Canadian Tuxedo is an American invention. In 1951, Bing Crosby was denied entry to a hotel in Canada because he was wearing head-to-toe denim. When the story got back to Levi Strauss and Co., they designed an actual tuxedo jacket made out of denim – complete with a red boutonniere made out of the iconic Levi’s red tabs – so he would never have any trouble getting into fancy establishments while wearing denim again.

Canadian Tuxedo

Everyone you wears denim. It is no wonder that the fabric has become the most popular material in the world. Thanks to this as we can now create fabulous looks from denim on denim combo. Creating the perfect Canadian tuxedo in 2017 means not trying too hard at all, there is no formula for dressing these days and even when a particular trend is making rounds it is still all about following the trend fashionably but in such a way that anyone still identifies it with your style.

Working in an industry where you are required to appear corporate all week means looking forward to a weekend where you can basically pull out your denim. So, if you are hanging out with friends, hitting grill spots, or generally looking to have fun while dressing casually, we recommend the Canadian tuxedo look since it’s quite easy to put together. If you were, however, wondering how to pull off this look over the weekend, then we’ve got some inspirational looks lined up for you.

A look at various denim styling options…

Canadian Tuxedo
Canadian Tuxedo
Canadian Tuxedo
Canadian Tuxedo

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