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Budding Menswear Designer Didymus Michael Debuts Capsule Collection

Budding Menswear Designer Didymus Michael Debuts Capsule Collection

At Style Rave Nigeria we have made it a point of duty to consistently promote budding and established designers with thought-provoking or at least engaging creative work. Today we present a menswear newbie, Didymus Michael, who’s released its debut lineup with a capsule collection themed “The Gentleman’s Piece.”

From its theme, one could easily decipher the young designer’s inspiration as drawn from the essence of owning clothing necessities rather than buying into trends that won’t conveniently take you in and out of season, which has become the case in the see-now, buy-now-wear-now society we live in.


The collection features brocade tuxedos, colored suits, and traditionally styled tunics with floral and paint details, all of which are basic staples for both the fashion-forward man and the man who loves to play it safe. Didymus Michael’s idea of creating neatly tailored, functional basics that can be styled in a plethora of ways was quite a smart move knowing fully well that fashion is an art that should sell at the end of the day. On the other hand, it seems he got too carried away with selling that idea that he missed out on the creative aspect, which of course, can’t be divorced if you carry the title “Designer.”

Overall, the entire presentation is as simple as the garments themselves. We hope the brand’s next offering shows growth.

Take a look at the limited collection below…


What are your thoughts on Didymus Michael’s debut capsule collection?

Creative Team

Designer: Didymus Michael
Stylist: Olu SHODS
Photography: Ayomide Ajetomobi
Models: Agbarakwu Valentine for FEW Model Management

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