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Braided Ponytail Hairstyles Are Fierce, Flattering And Summer Perfect! See 18 Looks + Styling Tips

Braided Ponytail Hairstyles Are Fierce, Flattering And Summer Perfect! See 18 Looks + Styling Tips


Fierce, flattering and flawless! These are some of the words that best describe ponytail hairstyles this season. Similarly uplifting the beauty trend with an upgrade, braided ponytails are in and on a roll! With styles like knotless box braids to crochet and goddess twists, the possibilities within this fad are endless.

Not only does the trend transform basic ponytail looks into showstoppers, it also has a creative edge to it. In addition to an ethereal beauty that shines through a variety of textures and lengths, braided ponytail hairstyles are totally functional. Whether you’re a naturalista looking to switch things up or you’re simply aiming for an unconventional look, the braided pony is a must-try this summer! 

Equally adding to its rave-worthy identity, celebrity influencer and model Jordyn Woods, SA media star Ayanda Thabethe and top model Ebonee Davis have been recently seen rocking the look. 

Jordyn Woods sporty chic braided ponytail hairstyle stylerave
Jordyn Woods

Here are some tips on rocking braided ponytail hairstyles…

#1. Length matters

Taking protective hairstyles and measures to a whole new level, braided ponytails are so versatile and can literally be worn in a hundred different ways. The key is to make them long enough for all the fun styles that await you. Just remember to keep your extensions light and fewer than usual as length adds weight to your braids.

#. 2 Accessories make the difference

When it comes to statement-making opportunities, braided ponies can be elevated further with accessories and jewelry. Its chic and exotic appearance can be enhanced with embellished staples like hairclips and pins in colorful, gold and silver tones. Cowries and beads are also great accessories to consider as you seek to stand out with this look. Ponytail braids styles.

#3. Color it 

Pushing fun and exciting limits through all seasons, especially the summertime, braided ponytail hairstyles come in different colours. Popularly rocked in black and blonde tinges, hues of gold, honey-brown, blue and red also add the perfect balance of spice and personality. 

Ready to your edges laid and your mane braided? We’ve got you covered with stunning inspirations. 

Check out 17 more braided ponytail hairstyle looks… 

Classic Braided Ponytail

Ebonee davis side braid ponytail black hair stylerave
Ebonee Davis


Ayanda Lungile Thabethe side braid ponytail styles stylerave
Ayanda & Lungile Thabethe

. Ponytail braids styles.

Goddess Braids Ponytail

black knotless braids braided ponytail ideas stylerave


Alissa Ashley knotless braid ponytail styles stylerave
Alissa Ashley




Golden Braids Ponytail

Karla Tobie brown and gold knotless braids braided ponytail stylerave
Karla Tobie


Gold braided ponytail hairstyles for black hair
Tharcila Gerlani


Karla Tobie


Chevonne Spirine

. Ponytail braids styles.

Double Ponytails

Tiana Major9 honey brown knotless braids stylerave
Tiana Major9


symphanisoto double braided pony stylerave


Cornrow Ponytail

Anitabrows black braided ponytail extension stylerave
Anita Adetola Ikubese




Twisted Ponytails

Slim Reshae



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