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Best Winter Skincare Tips For Black Skin

Best Winter Skincare Tips For Black Skin



n integral aspect of self-care is skincare, and while this is an all-year-round commitment, being extra indebted to your skin during winter is expedient. The season has its fair share of dryness lurking in the atmosphere, in search of an inattentive skin to live rent-free. Simply put, pampering your skin during this season is a necessity, because as the temps go low, the possibility of dry and irritated skin increases, especially for the Black skin. If you’re looking for apt winter skincare tips, then you’re on the right path.

Why does the Black skin need extra care during winter?

The Black skin has a slight difference in the stratum corneum compared to the white skin. Although this variation might seem nearly invisible, that’s the reason special winter skincare tips are advised for dark-skinned persons. The Black skin has more layers, is less hydrated, and possesses fewer ceramides—fatty acids that form a default barrier. Consequently, Black skin tends to lose more moisture, and if glowing is in the itinerary for the season, then staying hydrated for winter isn’t up for debate.

These winter skin care tips for black skin will keep you ready for the season…

#1. Lip balm

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Cracked lips have been waiting the whole year for this, best believe they won’t relent. Cop a lip balm, especially one with SPF, to keep your lips supple and fresh this season.

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#2. Moisturize

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This is obvious, but the trick is to apply it on damp skin (after a shower) when the pores are the most receptive to sealing in moisture. In the case of oily skin, apply facial oils with non-comedogenic properties (oils that won’t clog up the pores). Be on the lookout for ingredients like Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide), Hyaluronic Acid in your choice moisturizers.

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#3. Sunscreen

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What’s winter skincare without sunscreen? Honestly, applying sunscreen every day of the year remains valid. There’s a myth surrounding sunscreen and black skin, it’s believed that melanin helps shield the skin from UV rays and there’s no need for sunscreen. While melanin is the 11th world wonder, it could take a break from constantly fighting to protect the skin. Avoiding being directly exposed to harsh environmental factors could go a long way for people of color.

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#4. Humidifier

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All kudos to innovation, we are always one step ahead. While the atmosphere attempts to dry things up, opt for a humidifier to combat it and restore lost moisture. Remember one of the major issues with Black skin is dehydration. Stay hydrated with a humidifier and drink enough clean water.

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#5. Keep antibacterial soaps and exfoliants at bay

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Winter skincare involves extra attention, sometimes mistaken for over-exfoliation, and antibacterial soaps to stay protected from irritation. This might seem like a great idea, but it isn’t. When you over-exfoliate or use antibacterial and/or scented soaps, the skin is stripped of its natural oils, and the cold is likely to impact your skin barrier, making it prone to dryness. Another trap set to make you look ashy, don’t fall for it. Opt for gentle exfoliators with PHAs (polyhydroxy acids).

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