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How To Select The Perfect Red Lipstick For Your Skin Tone

How To Select The Perfect Red Lipstick For Your Skin Tone


The red lippie has always fascinated me, however, there’s the constant struggle to find the shade of red perfect for my skin tone. It’s never been easy for me since am a certain type of dark skin which translates to the fact that some shades of red lipstick just don’t work for me. After thorough research for the best red lipstick for my dark skin, I’ve been able to discover how to select the right shades not just for my tone, but for others.

Red lipsticks come in various hues and shades and it can be intimidating navigating through them. Some are orangey, others have golden tones, while some are simply blood red! All you need to do is find the right shade for your skin tone and you’ll be ready to conquer the world. So, how do you get the right shade? Glad you asked! The red lipstick for your skin will complement your tone as well as undertone.

Skin tone is the level of melanin in the skin that ranges from fair to dark, while undertones are the colors (red, yellow, or blue) that, within your skin tone, create your specific complexion. A warm undertone appears to be more peachy/yellow. On the other hand, a cool undertone appears to be blue/pink. However, those with neither are considered neutral. When finding your perfect red lipstick, keeping your undertones in mind is a step in the right direction. (Read more about your skin undertone here).

Check out the perfect red lipstick for various skin types…

#1. Red lipstick for dark skin

It’s no news that your deep melanin is irresistible, and hot red lipsticks agree. Considering that your skin tone is the perfect contrast to deep shades of reds as well as reds with blue undertones, options like Kjaer Weis’s Lipstick in Adore is your fix.

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#2. Red lipstick for medium skin

Ladies with medium skin tone have more versatility when it comes to picking red lipstick. This is because both cool and warm reds work well for you, however, stay clear of corals as they can make your skin appear dull. Try options like Becca Cosmetics Ultimate Lipstick Love in Rouge.

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#3. Red lipstick for olive skin

For olive skin, your skin shines in yellow or orange-based reds, especially in shades like coral and poppy. On the other hand, avoid fuchsia and any other red lipstick with a cool understone as they can dull out your complexion. Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Couture Lipstick in Rouge Pur is perfect for you.

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