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Fierceness In Check! The 15 Biggest Beauty Trends For Summer 2020

Fierceness In Check! The 15 Biggest Beauty Trends For Summer 2020


If there’s one thing the theme of this summer connotes, it’s a sense of a fierceness that is in sharp contrast with the sad reality of these pandemic times. Pushing such an agenda in creative ways, the latest beauty trends of the season scream daring and in charge! 

From an array of makeup looks too inspiring to only give a single stare, to hairstyles and accessories that are oh-so-fab, these summer looks are definitely on a heat wave themselves.

While uplifting our timelines inaudacious ways, these current makeup and hair crazes have also managed to set new standards of beauty. They showcase an enthusiasm for creativity despite the quarantine, and the need to embrace non-conforming beauty.

With fun and eclectic makeup techniques like watercolor lids and floating eye liner, to beautiful hairstyles and accessories like bantu knots and headwraps, there’s a trend in here for every fashionista.

In other words, whether you’re a whimsical and full glam devotee or an au naturel queen, your beauty mood board is in for a treat!

Tracee Ellis Ross Bantu Knots hairstyle latest summer beauty trends stylerave
Tracee Ellis Ross rocking the Bantu knots hairstyle

From influencers to celebrities, these trends are truly global. Trendsetters like American actress Tracee Ellis Ross and Nigerian-American beauty YouTuber Jackie Aina, have been spotted rocking some of these trends effortlessly.

So whether you are creating a mood board for all things beauty post-lockdown, or you’re simply looking for ways to step up your beauty game while in quarantine this summer, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 15 of the biggest beauty trends for Summer 2020…


#1. Floating Eyeliner

yara shahidi makeup@nikki_makeup

#2.  Accentuated Inner Corners 

Nyane Lebajoa  Accentuated Inner Corners latest summer beauty trends stylerave
Nyané Lebajoa

#3. Pink Blush

Jackie Aina Nigerian-American youtuber pink blush summer beauty trends stylerave
Jackie Aina

#4. Glossy Skin

#5. Watercolored Lids

Makeup By Natachi blue and purple watercoloured lids latest beauty trends stylerave
Makeup By Natachi


#6. Bantu Knots 

Yariszbeth Itzél  Gold and Black Bantu Knots Latest Beauty Trends stylerave
Yariszbeth Itzél

#7. Afros 

Salem Mitchell Afro Natural Hair Latest Summer beauty trends stylerave
Salem Mitchell

#8. Knotless Braids 

#9. Bobs 

Bernicia Boateng sleek bobs latest beauty trends summer stylerave
Bernicia Boateng

#10. Ponytails

Fisayo Longe High ponytail current summer
Fisayo Longe

Hair Accessories

#11. Bucket Hats

Lori Harvey Pink bucket hat current summer beauty trends stylerave
Lori Harvey

#12. Headbands

Mihlali Ndamase

#13.  Head Scarves 

Mbali Mkhize headscarf current beauty trends
Mbali Mkhize

#14. Hair Clips

Anita Brows pearl hairclips
Anita Brows

#15. Headwraps

Mo Olateru-Olagbegi mocheddah ankara head wraps current beauty trends stylerave
Mocheddah Olateru-Olagbegi

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