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Beauty Tips: 6 Ways To Have Flawless Skin and Hair This Harmattan Season

Beauty Tips: 6 Ways To Have Flawless Skin and Hair This Harmattan Season

Harmattan Season
A typical Harmattan morning in Northern Nigeria…

It is right around that time of the year when the air is extremely dry and dusty. Yes! You guessed right winter harmattan is around the corner and very soon, its effect will start showing on our bodies. Dry skin, chapped lips, dry, brittle hair and cracked soles are just a few of the adverse effects associated with the harmattan weather.

Men are usually the worse hit as a majority are not keen on using skincare products regularly which makes things tougher – or should I say rougher – for them. However, these are sure tips that you can follow in order to survive the changes this season brings.

Stay Hydrated


The importance of water cannot be overemphasized.  Be sure to up your water intake and avoid carbonated drinks as much as possible.


Harmattan Season

Not moisturizing this season is deliberately looking for wahala. The best way to do this is by applying cream on your body before the bath water left on your skin completely dries up.

Use Butter and Oils

Harmattan natural coconut walnut oil

No, I do not mean butter for bread or oil for frying. Investing in a jar of naturally occurring butters and oils such as Shea butter or coconut oil will do you a world of good. This will help you lock in moisture on your skin and prevent your skin from looking like that of an alligator – chai! The use of these products on your feet would prevent cracked feet.

Invest in lip balm

The lips tend to suffer a lot this season so invest in a lip balm or a couple and carry it about as this will help keep chapped lips at bay. With all the holiday parties lined up for you to attend, it would be a disaster if a babe you meet refuses to give you her digits because your lips were a turn off. Lip balms contain ingredients to protect your lips from cracks.

Take care of you hair

Being a guy does not mean you should not invest in a jar of leave-in conditioner especially as you have decided to keep hair – on your head or face (hello beard gang!). This season is the time to be faithful to your hair care regime or risk having frayed hair. Moisturise, condition and seal in moisture as often as you can.  E no easy to be be fine boy nau.

Wear warm clothing 

There is a reason why there is a Fall/Winter collection even though Nigerian designers hardly ever design outfits appropriate for this weather. Harmattan is our own version of winter so I say you go all out to protect your skin. Let your style game shine through this season in your cardigans, mufflers, head warmers and gloves. But please, it’s got to be weather appropriate. Harmattan mornings and evenings are typically colder while the afternoons are warmer. So with that in mind, remember layering is key! You can wear a buttoned-up cardigan over your shirt in the morning then take it off as the temp heads north!

Finally, you want to make sure that you clean your surroundings often to prevent accumulation of dust, increase your vegetables and fruit intake to help boost your immune system and increase your intake of vitamin C to prevent cold, catarrh and sneezing. And if you do sneeze, please cover your nose with a handkerchief or sneeze into your inner elbow.

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