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Battabox: How to make Nigeria’s Adire Traditional Fabric

Battabox: How to make Nigeria’s Adire Traditional Fabric


Nigerian Fashion has some of the most beautiful traditionally made cloth in the world – called Adire. It’s found in Yorubaland, in particularly Osun Oshogbo where Mama Nike runs a workshop for women.

“We are going back to our roots today!” explains Adeola, the BattaBox presenter.

To make the special blue-dyed cloth, the artists paint the patterns on the cloth a paste and chicken feathers. The cloth is then tied and dyed in large pots for several hours. The cloth is then unwrapped and left to dry in the sun.
But despite the beauty of the cloth and designs, the skills are slowly dying out as less and less artisans work on the fashion:

“I want my children to continue this work,” explains one artist. “But children now are lazy – they don’t have the patience to finish work like this!”

The Yoruba Adire cloth is used in traditional fashion, but also increasingly on the modern Nigerian fashion catwalk as Nigerian fashion designers use it in their new styles across the world.

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– culled from Battabox

Top Image Credit: Temi Otedola,

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