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Basics of Layering: How to Battle The Weather In Style | Menswear

Basics of Layering: How to Battle The Weather In Style | Menswear

I t is that time of the year when the weather can’t decide what it really wants as it keeps changes throughout the day. Layering your look is essential to battle the change in weather conditions so as not to end up too cold in the mornings or  roasted when the sun shows face in the afternoon.

Wondering what I mean by layering? It is simple: layering is the art of combining multiple layers (2-3 ideally) of your favourite pieces due to expected changes in the weather over the course of the day. One reason true style stars love fall/harmattan/winter is simply because they have the most fun layering up their looks and they gear up to battle the cold temperature. After all, wearing layers of clothing is one of the top ways of showcasing your sense of style.

To a style novice, layering may seem like a complicated task but it’s pretty simple. The one rule you must follow is that of thin to thick. That is, starting out with the thinnest piece of clothing next to your body.

Still not sure how to go about this style form? We are here to help our male Style Ravens get their layering game on point with these basic tips!

Don’t be Afraid of Patterns

Photo: The Lazy Artist Gallery / Pexels

You may have heard that you should not mix patterns but the best way to keep your patterns on point is by making sure that you mix up the check sizes.

Mix Smart and Casual


You can wear this look to the office if your company has relaxed dress code. However, if you’re working in an office with a strictly formal dress code, then you should master how to layer a formal outfit correctly.

Make Sure Every Layer Works

Photo: Spencer Davis / Unsplash

Every layer should work well on its own, as well as part of the outfit, so when you take off a layer it doesn’t take away from your whole look.

Experiment With The Hems

Photo: Aidan Jarrett / Pexels

It is best to keep your longest hems on the top layers of your outfit but don’t feel restricted, the longest hems don’t always have to be on your outer layers. Experiment with your style.

It doesn’t take having an awesome fashion sense to pull off the layered look. All you need is the confidence to start putting handsomely curated outfits together and with these tips, you’ve got a good head start.

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