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Basic Rules of Style: The Key to Building a Stunning Look is to Identify Your Style Anchor

Basic Rules of Style: The Key to Building a Stunning Look is to Identify Your Style Anchor

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Have you ever wondered why some people always look so well put together no matter what they are wearing? Well the answer is pretty simple. Style Ravens, the basic rule of style when it comes to creating a winning look is to identify the Style Anchor for any outfit you put on. An anchor is what keeps a ship from sinking thus you need an anchor to keep your style from falling flat.

A  key style tip you should memorize is that the last part of your outfit – the item you put on last, is ironically the first thing people notice. In practical terms, 90% of the time the hierarchy of style noticeability breaks down in this order; outerwear, hair, shoes, shirts, pants, accessories, socks and underwear.

If you’re paying all of your attention to the wrong parts of your ensemble you’ll never get it right. No matter how stunning your suit may be, pairing it with a worn out shirt and tattered or dinghy shoes is telling people that you just don’t give a damn about your overall appearance.

So here are some basic tips for our men Style Ravens and even women too…

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  • For each outfit, identify your style anchor and build your outfit around it.
  • Do not center your outfit around an accessory because they can be overlooked. You can center your look on a pair of fabulous pants, classic shoes or even a banging t-shirt.
  • Make sure your style anchor is high on the list of noticeability, whatever it is. Everything else should be secondary. The higher your style anchor is on the hierarchy list, the more power it has to give your overall style a solidified banging look.

So the next time you are styling yourself remember these tips and let your personal style anchor guide your look.


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