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Amal Clooney Stuns In A Multicolored Valentino Dress: 3 Key Fashion Lessons From Her Chic Style

Amal Clooney Stuns In A Multicolored Valentino Dress: 3 Key Fashion Lessons From Her Chic Style

We’ve already learned a ton of fashion and style lessons from Amal Clooney since she came on the scene, and now it’s obvious she isn’t done schooling us just yet.

The star stepped out of her Cannes hotel with her husband, George, last Saturday in a rainbow Valentino dress. Rather than complement her colorful dress with dark accessories.


Amal chose to ditch black or even dark brown completely and instead wore a taupe Sarah Flint block heels and a fringed marsala bag. The result was one of the most refreshing stylings I have seen in recent times.

Here are 3 important lessons I walked away with from Amal Clooney’s uber-chic look.


1| Black isn’t the only color that’s super chic: Amal opted for other neutrals, which blended perfectly with her multicolored dress.


2| You should only wear one statement piece at a time: Often, I see women wearing 2 or more statement items at a go. A statement bag with statement jewelry and statement shoes is a bit much even on a simple dress. This colorful dress is all the statement Amal needs to make at this time, and any other statement would have murdered (in a bad way) the look.

Notice her shoes are quite plain, and her drop earrings are just the perfect size, nothing exaggerated. She carefully selected the marsala color for her handbag, which is very close to one of the colors on her “skittles” dress.

Amal Clooney She-Ditched-Black-Lighter-Colored-Accessories

3|You can never go wrong flaunting your best asset: The tailoring of this dress is flawless, yet nothing stands out more than Amal’s perfect legs, which I believe are her best asset. The fit-and-flare cut really defines Amal’s tiny waist, while the short length of the dress allowed it to expose and elongate her legs even more. Amal is well known for wearing clothes with the perfect fit for her body type; this is something every aspiring stylista must master!

There you have it, ladies…Amal is style-smart, be like Amal!


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