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From Runway to Red Carpets and Music Videos, Agbada Swag is the Current Slay Look for Men’s Fashion

From Runway to Red Carpets and Music Videos, Agbada Swag is the Current Slay Look for Men’s Fashion

latest agbada styles
Ice Prince

Traditionally the Agbada ensemble is a four-piece male attire consisting of a large, free-flowing outer robe, a dashiki, a pair of long trousers, and a hat tailored from the finest fabrics like Lace, Brocade and Aso-oke. The attire has its roots in the Yoruba  culture of southwestern Nigeria and the Republic of Benin, West Africa but has grown to be widely accepted by most Nigerian cultures and other West African communities.

Gone are the days when the Agbada was only worn by fathers and “Big Men” or “Ogas” for traditional ceremonies and weddings. Today’s fashion has seen a resurgence of Agbada and it is the new “it” style for fashionable men, celebrities, movie stars, music video styles and young men all over.

From the runway to the red carpet, men’s fashion is slaying in Agbada styles. Whether long, short or mid-length, men and even women are adorning themselves in various designs of this regal attire but these new styles are not exactly like the heavy weighted styles that our fathers wore.

Designers are experimenting with different fabrics and embroidery ranging from formal, dressy, casual and edgy designs. Fashion-forward designs are lighter, more form-fitting and less pieces to wear. A two piece dashiki and trousers is just as acceptable as a four piece ensemble tailored in dapper styles which you can rock to any occasion.

A saying goes “when you walk into a room the tail of your Agbada should come in two minutes after” but now if you want to slay the modern Agbada look, accessories are key if you are serious about turning your swag up a mighty notch! Rock a nice wristwatch, cufflinks, rings, necklaces and bling up or bling down to complete that look.

Check out some of the latest Agbada styles we have curated to help you stay on top of your style game.

King Hakbal Agbada
Design by King Hakbal
Agbada for men
Design by King Hakbal
Nigerian Agbada
Design by King Hakbal
Traditional Styles for Men
Design by King Hakbal
Noble Igwe Agbada
Style Influencer, Noble Igwe
traditional styles for men
Black Agbada
Traditional styles for men
Banky W.
White agbada
White short-sleeve Agbada with yellow embroidery
latest Agbada styles
DJ Spinall
White Agbada
Style Enthusiast, @adegoroye
Steven Onoja
Menswear Connoisseur, Steven Onoja
white and black agbada
Mixed Colour Agbada

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