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Accra Fashion Week Set To Celebrate Its 5th Anniversary This December With International Line Up

Accra Fashion Week Set To Celebrate Its 5th Anniversary This December With International Line Up


Accra Fashion Week is scheduled to celebrate its 5th year anniversary this December. The nationwide extravagant designer exhibition is set to take place from the 10-12 of December at the Memory Lane Park, Airport Accra.

This year marks the 5th Anniversary of Accra Fashion Week since its initiation in 2016. The budding fashion industry then witnessed a 4-day event that quickly made its way into Africa’s top 5 fashion events in 2017 according to renowned Nigerian blogger Sharon Ojong.

Some of the nation’s most celebrated designers/brands will take to the stage to showcase their latest designs. Names such as Nallem Clothing, Yvonne Ex, Red Cotton Boutique, Bri Wireduah, Mikoko Deluxe, and designs by alongside brands from over 10 other nations.


Spectators will be granted the opportunity to also experience shows by foreign brands such as Clavon Leonard from the USA, Impari Moda from Germany, D’Marsh Couture from Jamaica, Mark Johnson from UK amongst others.


The event will take on a twist to its usual structure merging a cocktail-style atmosphere with extravagant runway fashion shows. This is all in celebration of a very successful 5 year run for the organizers of Accra Fashion Week.

The organizers have promised that Accra Fashion Week will return to its twice a year schedule in 2023 of which brings west African weather seasons to the forefront of the international fashion scene. Accra fashion week 2021


Designer registration is still ongoing and more details can be garnered here.

Photo: Accra Fashion Week

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