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A Unique Piece of Jewelry is a Sure Ice Breaker | Style Conversations

A Unique Piece of Jewelry is a Sure Ice Breaker | Style Conversations


No outfit is complete without the right accessories to solidify your look but don’t just go for any old, boring accessory please! Men Style Ravens, must-haves in your jewelry collection should include some fantastic looking statement pieces that are sure to get conversations going wherever you show up. For the more edgy and adventurous fashion slayer, there is a wide range of men’s jewelry to improve and upgrade your repertoire and if you’re the ultra conservative type, you can still style up any outfit with a unique and classy timepiece, sunglasses or ring.

A unique piece of jewelry does not only looks good on you but it is also a good way to break the ice in a gathering thus improving your social skills and earning you such style respect.


The thickness of your necklace/chain should match the time of day and your destination. As a rule of thumb, the darker the hour, the thicker and brighter your necklace should be, meaning simple neck pieces should be worn during the day and heavier ones for nightime outings. An exception is if you’re an entertainer, then like Fifty Cent and Kanye West, you can flaunt blinding statement pieces at any time of the day.

yohan serfaty handcuff
Men’s silver and black statement handcuff, designed by Yohan Saferty | Photo credit: For-Tomorrow

Bracelets give your look the modern edge and a masculine vibe. Go for a signature bracelet made from metals, leather or beads. Handcuffs (not to be confused with the Police handcuffs) is the latest trend in men’s hand accessories is definitely a show stopper.


Square Gold Gem Stone Ring
Square Gold Gem Stone Ring, designed by Harry Roa | Photo Credit: Harry Roa

Rings should be simple to wear, modern, elegant, stylish and uniquely crafted from a durable metal. Too often, men default to a shortlist of “safe choices” that are literarily dead on arrival as no one notices it even exists on your body. Choose a dress ring or trendy design depending on your taste and what you’re wearing at the moment and where you’re headed. If you’re out for a party, a statement ring with just a touch of “bad boy” is sure to help you start a conversation the moment a fellow fashion lover spots it on you.

Gold Sapphire Men’s Ring
Gold Sapphire Men’s Ring, designed by Equinox | Photo credit: Paragon Couture

The next time you step out for a major social gathering dare to be different and flaunt a unique piece of jewelry. You’ll see yourself transform into a show stopper and everyone will be trying to start a chat with you.


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