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A Simple Guide To Planning The Perfect Wedding Food Menu

A Simple Guide To Planning The Perfect Wedding Food Menu


He popped the question, you said yes and now planning for your big day is in full swing. You’ve got the wedding venue, bridesmaid dresses, reception dress and maybe a third dress! Even your bridal hairstyle is all sorted out. How about your wedding food menu?

Truth be told, a lot of guests attend weddings mostly because of the food – that’s beside supporting the couple and getting to see the wedding gown, of course. So yea, good food is at the top of the list of reasons why many guests show up.

How you feed your guests on your big day is entirely up to you. You have to do the best with what suits your budget, keeping your wedding theme in mind. Depending on the number of guests and your budget, you have the options of serving your guests plated dinner or buffet style. The plated dinner has an advantage of all the guests getting their food at about the same time – that is if your waiters are efficient. On the other hand, a buffet is cost-effective as it means having to do away with waiters. If you are on a tighter budget, this is the best choice for you.

Go over the options available with your caterer and be sure to taste as much of the foods you’ll be serving your guests as possible. This is the perfect time to tell the caterer if you think less pepper, a little more oil or a little less salt is needed for a particular meal.

Irrespective of the option chosen, we have curated key tips for a successful wedding food menu planning.

Here are three simple tips for planning the perfect wedding food menu…

#1. Be realistic about your budget

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Now is the time to weigh what’s really important to you and your fiancé. If fine dining is a must, then maybe you’d prefer to have a small wedding (in terms of number of guests) and an over-the-top dinner? If you’d rather invite more people, then consider cutting back on the fine dining option and do the buffer option.

Remember that in a typical Nigerian or African wedding setting, no matter how much food you provide, there will still be guests that will complain that they did not get any food or enough food. Just focus on creating a menu that you can comfortably afford.

#2. Consider crowd-pleasers

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While an exotic dish might not be to everyone’s taste, a pack of well prepared small chops and some asun (a Yoruba delicay – grilled/barbecued goat meat with lots of pepper) would be better well received and is easier for your chosen caterer to mass-produce. Wedding guests are more likely to settle for food they can relate with for fear of needing to use the restroom before they get home. Plus you’ll easily win their heart with meals they already love!

#3. Multiple stacks of everything


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If buffet is your preferred choice of dining at your wedding, be sure to provide multiple points of access for everything. Instead of putting one stack of napkins, putting three, which are slightly staggered, is better. Putting stacks of plates at the beginning and the end of the table or even at different parts of the hall, gives people a chance to wander from any direction without overcrowding at a certain spot.

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