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9 Throwback Fashion Rules You Should Break to be Super Stylish

9 Throwback Fashion Rules You Should Break to be Super Stylish

When they say rules are meant to be broken, I bet you didn’t think fashion rules! Maybe political, educational, religious but certainly not fashion rules, right? With barely a couple of days to the second quarter, we are set to help you break some of the most seemingly “fashionable” rules ever just so you can take your style to a whole new level.

Take a quick look around and you’ll see that the most stylish people today and of the past from designers, muses, celebrities & bloggers have broken tonnes of fashion rules to become the style icons that they are now. This is because, fashion (…rules) fades but style is eternal. Here are 9 throwback rules you should break to be uber stylish this year and in times to come.

Red and pink clash

Over time, Red and Pink together have had such bad reputation, but when paired purposefully, they can actually look quite modern and eye-catching. To break this fashion rule, pair true red with any shade of pink, from pastel to fuchsia.

Take off one accessory before leaving the house


Sorry Coco Chanel but piling on the bling is fabulous, women like Iris Apfel have proven time and time again. Breaking this rule and layering jewelry can extremely sophisticated if done right.

Mixed prints are a fashion faux pas

Mixing and matching prints can be extremely refreshing, and elevate your look from bland to street-style glam in one sweep. Anything goes when it comes to melding motifs like florals with stripes, polka dots with Ikat, leopard prints on leopard prints. Treating prints like leopard, florals and stripes like a neutral is the easiest way to break into pattern mixing.

Wear silver or gold jewelry, not both together

I’m sure you’ve noticed bloggers, street style stars, and celebrities, mixing metals when it comes to jewelry. This look fresh and stylish. The trick here is to make it look deliberate as opposed to being random.

Sneakers are only for the gym

Hello Athleisure!

This trend proves that the right pair of sneakers can take you way beyond the gym. Wear it with everything from skirts to pants to dresses, styling it with dressier pieces, to add a modern twist to any outfit.

Dresses and pants don’t mix

That was then, this is now! Maybe not dress gown over a pair of trousers but swingy mini/midi -dress with skinny jeans, or a flowing chiffon midi dress with leather leggings. This look has been spotted on runways and on street for sometime now.

You should always match your shoes, bag, and belt

That might have true in your grandma’s day, but it’s total a non-issue in this day and age. In fact, matching all your accessories perfectly can make you look dated whereas mixing things up adds spice to your outfit.

Sequins are for night time only 

A modern trick to looking like the most effortlessly stylish girl on the street: Pair dressy bottoms like a beaded skirt, or sequin pants) with casual staples like a white shirt, a gray crew-neck sweatshirt, or a black blazer.

Lingerie shouldn’t be seen

Ever heard of the lingerie as outerwear trend? Break this rule by adding pieces like the bralettes, slip dresses, pj and other lingerie staples to your everyday outfit.

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