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8 Unique Ways To Style Your Natural Hair: Inspirations From Hair Blogger Janaé

8 Unique Ways To Style Your Natural Hair: Inspirations From Hair Blogger Janaé


Where’re all my naturalistas at? It’s inspiring when you see pictures of other black women like yourself slaying in their non-relaxed hair, isn’t it? Our kinky hair is how nature intended us to be but managing it is such a cumbersome task that most of us hide it under layers of purchased hair until a few years ago.

Before now, society ‘judged’ naturalistas for their nappy hair (and is still judging) but all that is gradually changing thanks to naturalistas who stuck to their guns and natural hair bloggers like Janae who share their natural hair journey to encourage other women to follow suit. Janae has shown that any black woman can start the natural hair journey and be successful as far as you are willing to put the work into learning how to properly care for your natural hair.

Once you’ve figured out how to care for and grow your hair, styling it becomes the next comma. Some women don’t realize that the beauty of our natural hair is its versatility as you can do so many styles with your natural hair… Don’t believe me?

Check out some of Janae’s cool hairstyles you can try out…

Photo credit: IG | Nae2curly

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