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7 Ways To Dress Like a Street Style Star for Lagos Fashion & Design Week #LFDW | SR Trends

7 Ways To Dress Like a Street Style Star for Lagos Fashion & Design Week #LFDW | SR Trends


It’s no news that Fashion Week is upon us. In the next couple of days the city of Lagos will be buzzing electric as the who’s who in fashion, entertainment and media will convene at the Federal Palace Hotel & Casino, V.I for the 6th annual Lagos Fashion and Design Week (LFDW). LFDW always boasts of an impressive array of attendees from models to stylists, designers, editors, bloggers and even everyday fashion enthusiasts.

With all that hype and anticipation comes the great responsibility – what to wear to Fashion Week! By what to wear we’re not just talking some random nice outfit hanging in your wardrobe, we’re talking uber stylish outfits that have you come out looking effortless even after days or weeks of planning, we mean outfits that will definitely get you photographed by street style paparazzi and also outfits that will make the cut and be published top fashion blogs/websites like ours (Style Rave Nigeria, of course), Bella Naija or Style Vitae and other social media platforms. Honey, we are talking about outfits that will certify you as a Street Style Star!

Here are 7 ways to channel your inner Street Style Star this Fashion Week.

1 | Menswear is The New Cool!


Thanks to genderless and androgynous pieces, women have boldly crossed the line from womenswear into menswear. The coolest thing about this look is that you don’t necessarily have to buy new outfits, burrow some fashion ideas from your boyfriend, husband, father or brother. Rock crisp white shirts, pin stripe suits, and menswear inspired shoes like loafers or sag your pants a little and let your boxer like underwear peep through.


2 | Oversize is The New Fitted


Gone are the days all women wanted were outfits that showed off their curves. Times have changed and fashion has managed to make oversized clothing look so cool. Throw on an oversized shirt or pants but don’t forget to play with proportions so it comes off just right.


3 | Swap Heels for Flats


Heels are divine but it’s Fashion Week and you’ll be walking around from one exhibition to the other or from one photographer to the next. Flats are practical, comfortable and chic plus its gives an effortless air to your entire outfit. If you don’t want to get too close to the ground, try flat-forms.

4 | Mix Prints


Surprisingly, not only the bold can mix prints, subtle prints are stylish and not as daring. Whether to you decide to mix a bunch of loud or subtle prints, make sure the prints are in sync so you don’t come off looking like a train wreck.


5 | Athlesiure Please


As long as you’re rocking this chic trend appropriately, you can never go wrong. Throw on a pair of sneaks no matter what your outfit is, be it a dress or a skirt or rock your crop trop as a sports bra or a nice top over your workout leggings or cycling shorts.

6 | Go Denim Crazy


Goodbye to the era of referring to denim as a plain old casual outfit. Various designs of denim exists in cuts, textures and styles. From painted to distressed to embellished denims, the sea of options is saturated.


7 | Mix Dressy X Casual 


Play down your dressy pieces with casual shoes. The contrast is fashion and edgy and will definitely get you noticed.


Most importantly, no matter how hard you try, make sure it is all effortless. A lot of work goes into pulling off a Street Style worthy outfit but only you and your best friend should know that. Neither the camera or the people at Fashion Week or those looking at the pictures should tell.

So which of these looks will you be spotted in? Be sure to tag us on all your Fashion Week looks using #StyleRaveNG for a possible feature.

Stay stylish!

Photo credit: Getty Images, IG | @stylepantry

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