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7 Hair Care Mistakes You’re Making: Repent and See Your Hair Grow!

7 Hair Care Mistakes You’re Making: Repent and See Your Hair Grow!


It’s pretty easy to get addicted to a beauty regimen and carry on for the rest of your life without bothering to stop, check and see if you’ve been doing the right thing all along. Well, to find out if you fall into this category here are 7 hair regimen mistakes most women make.

1 | Shampooing Your Hair Too Often

wash day

Shampooing generally strips your hair off its natural oils and doing this too often can lead to dryness and breakage. To avoid damaging your hair as a result of frequent shampooing, it is advisable to just rinse your hair in warm water or better still co-wash (use conditioner as shampoo) your hair like the natural sisters.

2 | Brushing/Combing your Hair While Wet 

Even the so called naturalistas make this same mistake. When your hair is wet, it is most vulnerable and fragile so brushing or combing at this point will be to the detriment of your hair. It is best to comb or brush hair while damp.

3 | Detangling with Brush or Comb

Notice that when you detangle your hair with a comb or brush you have more breakage so why not do it the easy way and detangle with your fingers after applying a leave-in spray or conditioner.

4 | Not Applying Heat Protectant


Most people think heat protectants are only for those with kinky hair and they couldn’t be more wrong. It’s always advisable to protect your hair against heat before using heat styling tools. This your hair stays strong and is prone to less heat damage.

5 | Brushing your Hair the Wrong Way

I see a lot people comb their hair from the roots up whereas the right way to comb ones hair is from the ends up towards the roots. This way you have less breakage and also prevent tangling.

6 | Blow-drying your Hair When Wet


Simple rule for combing wet hair applies here as well. Your hair should be about 60% dry i.e. damp before being exposed to heat from a blow-dryer. Also, since the chances that your hair will become frizzy while drying using this method is high, why continue? You’re better off sitting under a dryer or better yet letting your hair dry naturally.

7 | Using Silicone-based products

Silicone in silicone-based products coats the hair shaft making it sleek and shiny but in so doing prevents nutrients from oils and other products from penetrating the shaft and the scalp.

Which of these hair crimes have you been committing? How do you plan to change your hair care routine for the better?

Also feel free to share hair care pointers in the comment section below.

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