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6 Ways To Get Your Groove Back After Childbirth

6 Ways To Get Your Groove Back After Childbirth


I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for motherhood. I mean, not a single thing in the world, although it would be great to have uninterrupted sleep at night. But hey, it comes with that bundle of joy! Motherhood is by far the most incredible yet challenging thing I have ever experienced.

My story

I remember vividly when it dawned on me that my life as I knew it was about to change. I had just been discharged from the hospital two days after birthing my son, and the hubby showed up with balloons and flowers to take us home.

As we drove out of the hospital parking lot, I nestled my baby in my arms and it was in that  moment reality really set in. I was a mother. That reality would continue to unfold over the next couple of days. From breast-feeding every other minute, to changing diapers, and even just fussing over newborn, my life had changed. I was pretty much out of the equation after childbirth except for taking care of my basic hygiene essentials. When the cameras are out and the waist trainers slip back into the wardrobe, we can all admit that motherhood isn’t for the faint hearted.

Photo: Kelly Sikkema | Unsplash

The reality

Three months after childbirth, and two weeks before I was scheduled to return to work, I took a look in the mirror and realized that I had lost myself in the process of being a super mom. I had become the kind of mom I once swore never to be. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t looking too much of a mess but I wasn’t seeing a reflection of myself that I was in love with. No thanks to sleep deprivation.

If there’s anything that sticks like glue, it has to be postpartum weight. So watching ladies snap back on Instagram a mere three months later, seemed too good to be true. At least in my experience. Of course, we agree that having a baby really changes you and a lot of women could loose themselves while at it. In the worst case scenarios, some women even develop prolonged postpartum depression.

The battle to be a great mother is real and so is the battle of not losing your identity. I had to do some soul-searching and realized that I would be an even better mom if I could rejuvenate myself and bring back as much of the old me as possible. Now, I want to share my top tips with you.

Check out 6 ways I got my groove back after childbirth…

#1. Shopping

Photo: Andrea Piacquadio | Pexels

As far as I am concerned, shopping is a great form of therapy every that I benefited from after childbirth. It’s amazing what a few new clothes can do to our spirits. To make my first postpartum shopping experience more fun, I let my guard down and experimented with new styles and colors. Getting stylish again really helped get my groove back.

#2. Nailed in on my goals

Photo Estée Janssens | Unsplash

When I became pregnant, I had to put a few personal and professional goals aside to focus on preparing for my growing family. Inspired by the desire to build a beautiful legacy my child will be proud of, I recently resumed working on one of my biggest goals. Pursuing an old goal is a great way to be your old self plus the feeling is purely gratifying.

#3. A new workout routine

Photo: Jonathan Borba | Unsplash

I always dreamed that I would be one of those women who wake up with a flat tummy the day after giving birth. The exact opposite happened to me and it was quite a shocker. For many months after childbirth, I still looked very pregnant. Although this murdered my self-esteem, I wouldn’t let myself down. As soon as I got the clearance from my Ob-gyn, I started a new workout routine that is already boosting my emotional state and physique.

#4. My favorite hobbies

Photo: Steve Johnson | Pexels

Like most new mothers, finding time to do things I love has been tough. I had to find a way to squeeze out time to indulge in my hobbies. I call it “me time!” Finding time to write, dance and catch up on my favorite TV shows like Money Heist has really helped me feel like the old me again.

#5. Ask for help

Photo: Larry Crayton | Unsplash

There’s no reward for best mummy of the year, so stop trying to be a hero. If you can, get a nanny, join a community of new moms, or call in the troops. While a friend, nanny or your partner is helping watch the baby, treat yourself to a well deserved self pampering time. It takes a village remember?

#6. Block out hubby time

Photo: Igor Rodrigues | Unsplash

The presence of a baby limits the amount of time you spend with your partner. In the first few months after childbirth, hubby and I barely spent time together, alone. I knew that we needed to reconnect, but finding that time was the problem. We had to commit to dedicating time to enjoy ourselves after all a happy couple equals happy parents to a happy baby.

Featured image: Carrita Tanner | Unsplash

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