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6 Make-up Tricks To Make Your Face Appear Slimmer

6 Make-up Tricks To Make Your Face Appear Slimmer

Nigerian artist Mo’Cheddah’s look encompasses all the makeup tricks needed for a slimmer face

If you’re like most women, often times you wish your face could be as perfectly shaped as the faces of celebrities on TV screens and those of models in magazines. Well good news ladies because we are bringing you 6 amazing tips and tricks to help you achieve a slimmer face without going under the knife using your make-up tools. The same tricks celebrities have been using for ages to achieve their desired “perfect” look.

1. Choose the right eyebrow shape

c. Your eyebrows should be substantial, but not thick, and have a defined arch in the middle. Arched brows help lift the face and make your face look slimmer. Color in your brows with a shade of makeup slightly darker than your natural brow to help them stand out.

2. Cover eye circles

Eye circles can have a weighty effect on how you look. Cover under eye circles with concealer to hide them and blend your eyelids into the rest of your face. You can also add a white eye shadow or highlighter to the outside and inside corners of your eyes to help them stand out. When your eyes stand out in a good way, rather than stand out because of dark circles, your face automatically looks slimmer.

3. Create the illusion of slimmer cheeks by applying your contour shade in a diagonal line from the center of your cheek up to your ear

Make a slight “fish face” (you know, the pucker) while you do this with your brush to figure out the perfect placement, and don’t forget to blend. The higher you place your contour shade, the sharper your cheekbones will look. Finish off by swiping highlighter( the magic dust) across the tops of the cheekbones to really bring out the contour.

4. Use lighter lip colours

Research has shown that dark lip colors tend to make you appear heavier, a light lip color can make your face look lighter and your lip fuller. The key is to use a color that soothes your skin tone.

5. Fake a thinner nose

Swipe a contour powder down the sides of the bridge, stopping before you get t the nostrils, blend highlighter down the bridge of the nose in a vertical line to complete the effect.

6. Experiment with blush points

Most people should use a blush with a slight brown undertone for best results. Blushes with red undertones can actually make the face look heavier than it is. Apply your blush just under the cheekbone and sweep it from bone to the middle of each ear. Apply lightly, to avoid looking like a clown.


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