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5 Types of Naija Co-Workers You Must Avoid At All Cost!

5 Types of Naija Co-Workers You Must Avoid At All Cost!

The workplace is a meeting point for all calibre of people – the good, the bad and the straight out annoying! You need to be as wise as a dove and as crafty as a serpent if you must prevail over the scheming ways of annoying coworkers. These are the kinds of people that make an office seem like a soap opera and really, who has time for all that drama?

You can easily detect certain traits, attitudes and personalities these group of coworkers are likely to exhibit. Below are five categories of Naija “colleagues” to avoid if you must thrive and grow at the workplace.

Borrow Me This and That…
These ones are the office fraudsters. They always seem to forget their wallet at strategic moments, most especially when they need to pay for services they used. They borrow with ease but never remember to pay back. They always seem desperate and troubled and are mostly the popular FFFs (Friends for food). Their constant knack to borrow and not return when due often results in an office stir which becomes very ugly in the end. Beware of these folks!

I Too Know (I.T.K)….
These ones are the self-proclaimed geniuses (Einstein’s great-great grand kids). They believe they know it all and hence become unteachable. However, they are always prone to mistakes and will never take corrections. They are arrogant and overly confident. Their word is law and hence give no heed to the views of others. They always seem to have excuses for everything and never accept faults. They can cost you your job with their often poor choices and attitude. It would do you good to keep away from this set of people.

Everybody’s Best-friend…
These are the office socialites. They are funny, entertaining and get along well with all and sundry. But just as easily, they spread your gist (both true and false) like wild fire. They have so much time on their hands and hence spend it on endless chatter, coffee breaks and loitering about the office. They are loud and distracting. They lack focus and are often immature at their approach to work and must be avoided at all cost.

Holier Than Thou…
These ones are regarded as the office martyrs. They are the eye service workers. They are every employer’s dream. They insist on doing everything themselves. They want everyone to know how much they have sacrificed for the job. They often have control issues. They work too hard to prove themselves but often bring imbalance to the team and foster undue unrest among coworkers. They complain often, possess non constructive attitude, they are unaware of their limits and are completely dangerous to deal with.

We Should Hang Out (Happy Hour)…
These ones are the bad seeds and are male but not always. They are smooth, sleek and often easy on the eyes. They always seem to say the right things and very convincing. They are the tricksters of all times. They have fuel enough to take you out for a few drinks but usually not enough to get you back home, but rather to their own homes. They often have wandering eyes and hands. They seem to have your best interest at heart. So they will slip that wayward hair strand behind your ear, or put back that missed front button, or even pat that dust off your behind and act like it was nothing at all (*side eyes*).

These are the ones to avoid like a plague. Do you know any of these characters? If so, let’s hear it!

Written by Sema Bassie

Image Source: Youtube – EverydayLifeTopix 

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