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5 Super Chic Fashion Trends To Rock This Year

5 Super Chic Fashion Trends To Rock This Year

With barely two months into 2017, you’re still pretty much on time to jump on some of the year’s biggest trends and still be ahead of the fashion curve without any shadow of doubt.

5 easy ways to stay trendy whilst being fashionable and über stylish this year is to make sure your wardrobe options include the following pieces, frills / ruffles, fiery red ensembles, pant suit a la Hillary Clinton, utilitarian chic combos and V-neck Shoes ( yes you read that right).

Let’s get into more details:

Strut around in some new-school Victorian with frilled shirts, ruffled dresses or spot a vintage floral print to give off cool Victorian vibes like so:

Embrace unusual colors like olive-green, tan and taupe in bold cuts and styles that are military or safari inspired, involving accents like large pockets, lapels and more.

Stand out in a monochrome all red outfit! The lady in red didn’t get her title by wearing blue or any other color off the spectrum.

Nothing says power woman like a well-tailored pant suit, famous women like Hillary Clinton, Jackie O have blazed the trail so why not follow suit.

This new shoe silhouette is so chic, it’s going to be around for a while, put in a spring in your footsteps and your best foot forward in one of these.

However, If you are wondering how to shop these trends in view of  the ridiculous exchange rates, I’ll say don’t fret! The word “Change” hardly has the same effect on fashion trends as it has on our economy. When it comes to fashion, one thing is constant, trends are always being repeated year in year out. That being said, in this case, your best bet is to look inwards, you’ll be surprised how many ignored / overlooked on-trend pieces you already have lying around in your wardrobe.

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