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5 Reasons You Should Visit Ghana Soon

5 Reasons You Should Visit Ghana Soon


With summer still in full gear, it’s time to unwind and just have fun. If fun to you means a vacation and if you didn’t plan a one early enough, Ghana will save the day!

It’s no longer a secret that on the western end of Africa, Ghana is quite the place to be! Besides having a beautiful coastline with friendly people, the nation is also one with a rich cultural heritage — which explains why Ghana is usually home to culture lovers from all over the world in the summer. The country also boasts of some of the most hospitable hotels in West Africa.

Thanks to the country’s permanent summer weather, it remains a top vacation spot throughout the year. In the Easter, the country offers the most affordable paragliding experience with a festival that is second to none. Need that kind of adventure and more?

Here are 5 reasons to visit Ghana this Easter soon…

1. The Culture

Ghana is a culturally diverse country with roughly 100 linguistic and cultural groups as of 1960. The Ghanaian culture is visible in its innumerable handicrafts – from the kente weave (which they are particularly known for) to beadwork, wood carvings and more. Most of these use symbols or depict social beliefs.

2. The Food


Africans love to eat good food and Ghanaians are not an exception! With a vast array of local dishes – Waakye, Banku, Shito, Fufu, Tuo Zaafi, Kenkey, Jollof rice – you’re up for an amazing foodie journey. However, the Nigerian Jollof will beat the Ghanaian Jollof any day! Don’t let us start an argument over this. Thank you for your understanding. Lol.

3. The Castles

Ghana is home to Cape Coast and Elmina castles which are reportedly the oldest, largest and best-preserved European-built castles in West Africa. The history of these castles will leave you in awe. The Cape Coast castle also houses the door of no return. This was the gateway used to ship out slaves during the Atlantic slave trade. These castles are now of global significance as the centrepieces of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

4. Africa’s first canopy walkway

The Kakum Canopy Walkway located in the Kakum National Park used to be Africa’s only canopy walkway. The walkway which is made up of woods, nets and wires is said to be roughly 350 metres long rising up to 40 metres above the ground and connected to 7 tree tops.

5. Paragliding Festival


Every Easter, Ghana beckons everyone to come and fly with her as the Ghana Paragliding Festival has become an integral part of the annual Easter celebrations in Ghana. This year, for only a fee of 350GH₵ which is an equivalent of $67 or ₦24,230, thousands got to experience the beautiful Ghanaian landscape from over 2,500 ft above the ground! This alone should make you want to visit the country next Easter.

What other reasons do you need to visit Ghana?

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