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5 Practical Fashion Pieces For Certain Slay This Fall And Beyond

5 Practical Fashion Pieces For Certain Slay This Fall And Beyond



hile practical fashion pieces vary per fashionista, we can all agree that those pieces are comfortable and can go from runway to the streets without much tweaking. If you’re still confused as to what practical fashion pieces are, then let me give you a tip: if what you’re wearing interferes with what you’re doing, it’s clearly not practical enough to wear them at that moment. That is to say it means being comfortably dressed for the day’s weather and itinerary. 

In addition to the trendy pieces you rock to stay stylishly in season, you’ll also need to invest in practical fashion pieces that are classic and timeless. They’ll surely prove useful for years to come. A well balanced wardrobe is undoubtedly a mix of both trendy and timeless pieces. With this structure, your fashion foundation is solid enough to weather any storm. 

Check out 5 practical fashion pieces for fall and show up stylishly this season…

#1. Knitwear practical fashion pieces

This 2021, knitwear reincarnated and in this new life, it has become an IT fashion item. Celebs and influencers alike have even spotted in variations of this piece. Certainly, it’s safe to say that the knitwear is so in and it’s a lot different from its previous grandma status.

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#2. Loungewear

The loungewear became a faithful friend in 2020, because it was stay at home season. As the world is finally getting back into shape and we go about our daily activities, this outfit seems to have stuck on us. It has now transcended beyond a working-from-home-outfit to a casual-day-fashion-requirement. 

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#3. Faux fur jacket

If you’re looking for the bougie version of yourself, then slide into a faux fur coat. Cruella has nothing on you. These practical fashion pieces keep you warm and looking rich-rich. The million dollar CEO vibe you’ve always been searching for has been looking you right in the eye in the form of a faux fur stylish coat the whole time. Who would have thought?

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#4. Boots

What’s fall without boots? From skinny jeans, to trench coats and skirts, boots are a classic necessity that go with any outfit. This season-free piece is cold weather appropriate and can vamp up any ensemble. In addition, they come in various options you’ll undoubtedly be spoilt for choice.

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#5. A sweater

This is a practical way to keep warm while looking peng. This practical fashion piece is aesthetically pleasing and can be worn with almost anything as it sits stylishly from one form to another. Certainly a great way to accomplish some laid-back slay. 

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Check out more practical fashion pieces inspiration perfect for the season…

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