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5 Most Ridiculously Expensive Luxury Items

5 Most Ridiculously Expensive Luxury Items

We all know luxury items often leave us drooling at their wow-ness and stunned at their prices but did you know just how crazily expensive some of the world’s most exclusive goods are? Well, check out these 5 items and let us know if you think their beauty is worth the top dollar they command.

No. 1: Berguet Grande Watch

Breguet Grande

The world’s most expensive watch in 2016 is Berguet Grande, which really is not a wrist watch but a case watch worth $30Million. The crafting of this piece began in 1782 by Abraham – Louis Breguet and was finally completed in 1827 by his son, four years after his death. What will make this piece this expensive? Sapphire is used to lower friction within the piece and it’s all encased in gold. This watch is currently secured at the L.A Mayer museum since its retrieval in 2007 after being stolen in the late 1900’s. (source:

No. 2: Roger Federer Nike Shoes

Most-Expensive-Nike-Shoes10 (2)

Running shoes has become a stable item in most homes now as we all are becoming more conscious of the benefits of daily exercising and staying fit, but who knew that the most expensive Nike shoes could cost $23 million? Yes, scream as much as you can, the price remains the same! $23 million, honey! This specific Nike is named after Roger Federer, who is a 33 year old Swiss tennis player ranked as world number 3. Roger is a legend and I guess so is the Nike too. (source:

No. 3: Victoria Secret Fantasy Bra

victorias-secret-fantasy-bra-2000 (2)

This ruby and diamond encrusted bra and underwear by Victoria Secret modeled by Gisele Bündchen is valued for $15 million and is in the world Guinness Book of Records as the most expensive lingerie set. I guess that’s the price you pay for covering your privates in rubies. *wink* (source:

No. 4: DKNY Golden Delicious Million Dollar perfumeDKNY

The DKNY golden delicious perfume bottle is egg-shaped with a very aesthetically pleasing appeal. The encasement (I feel wrong calling it a bottle at this point) is made of 14K white and yellow gold, precious stones like diamonds, pink rubies, sapphires, tourmaline and the flawless canary diamond that caps the bottle. The scent is dominant with apple sandalwood and white musk. (source:

No. 5: Hermès Birkin

`birkin (2)

This bag is a 35–centimeter Birkin from 2008 in rouge braise croc skin with 18K white gold and diamond hardware.  It is currently the world’s most expensive resold bag. Let’s put it this way, the price of this bag could buy you a home or two depending on your area code. This Hermes Birkin masterpiece was last resold for $298,000. According to the seller, it’s never been used and probably will never be used but will be an investment that will be resold in the next year or two. Though other top designers like Chanel and Louis Vuitton appear at auction, Hermes still holds the no. 1 spot as the most coveted bag. At this point one is led to believe billionaire Blogger Linda Ikeji did some good investment acquiring her Hermes bags or do those one only depreciate? (source:

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