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5 Menswear Summer Trends That Will Rule The Streets This Season

5 Menswear Summer Trends That Will Rule The Streets This Season


Summer is the most fashionably vibrant of the four seasons. It is also the season where outfits are stripped to their core and wardrobe essentials like t-shirts and shorts take the center stage. For men, who comparatively have lesser options than women when it comes to outfits, it is important that the looks you wear this season are selected with certain style considerations. Summer menswear trend 2021

Whilst there is a common misconception that strictly following trends links to good dressing, we believe that’s not the case. Good dressing is always the sweet spot between your personal style, trends and future classics (trends that are here to stay). 

From the return of the florals to camp collar shirts, we’ve laid out five menswear summer trends that will rule the streets in summer 2021.

Here are five fashion trends to try out this summer…

#1. Florals

Summer 2020 was lowkey thanks to COVID-19 and the flowers weren’t allowed to bloom. This year, however, florals are back and exploding and we are here for all of it. We predict that colorful, bold floral prints are going to steal the scene this season and you should prepare for it.

Whether you choose to wear them in rich African prints like the ever stylish Denola Grey, or you go all out in bright floral prints like Jeff Bankz, the secret is to pair florals with single toned pants or shorts in order to coordinate your look and avoid appearing too busy. 

Photo: Instagram | @denolagrey


Photo: Instagram | @jeffbankz

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#2. Wide-leg pants

Wide-leg pants are rediscovering favor in fashion and in function. Fitted bottoms may still be mainstream, but from runway designers to fast fashion companies, looser silhouettes are dominating new collections.

Wide-leg pants are loved not only because of their trendiness, but also because of the freedom of movement they offer. This summer, switch up your look from form-fitting trousers to wide leg pants for that laid-back, yet stylish vibe. 

Photo: Instagram | @danclemt


Photo: Instagram | @diamondplatnumz

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#3. Camp collar shirts

This hot summer, camp collar shirts serve as a breezy alternative to the classic collar short-sleeve shirts. This stylish men staple have been around for a couple of years and they definitely have traces of longevity in them. The flat, lapel-style collar adds a touch of something different to what might otherwise be a bland outfit. Whether for a beachside outing, or running personal errands, the camp collar shirt is a hit every time.  Summer menswear trend 2021

Photo: Instagram | @therichmnisi
Photo: Instagram | @shannonxvii

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#4. Hotpants (short shorts)

Shorts are arguably the most diverse clothing item in a man’s wardrobe because of the various lengths available. However, summer 2021 is all for the hotpants — those shorts that are short! From Africa to the Americas, male celebrities have been spotted showing off their well-toned legs in them. It is safe to say that short shorts are making a comeback this summer and we totally love it. 

Photo: Instagram | @cgabopha
Photo: Instagram | @mmaponyane

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#5. Slides and sandals

A big part of the age-old summer feeling is freeing your toes from the confines of covered shoes and giving them free rein. This is where slides and sandals come in. These footwears are very versatile as they go with almost every outfit and can instantly give your ensemble a whole new vibe, especially if extra-casual is what you’re aiming for. Come to think of it, isn’t that what summer is about?

Photo: Instagram | @peterpsquare
Photo: Instagram | @noble_igwe

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summer menswear trend 2021

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