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5 Menswear Items You Should Steal From Your Man’s Closet Immediately

5 Menswear Items You Should Steal From Your Man’s Closet Immediately



 et’s put things straight, “what’s his is yours”. Technically, that’s not stealing. Why add items to your cart when they are sitting pretty in your man’s closet, silently beckoning on you to snatch it off and do the needful? Isn’t it ironic how certain menswear can easily blend into womenswear?

Wonders never cease when a concept is put in the right hands, and this is particularly true for the ‘mens/womenswear‘ trend. The twists and turns this trend keeps making are very welcome, and if you’re still sitting on the fence, you’ll miss out on a lot. You better well jump right into your man’s closet and get the ball rolling. It’s worth it! 

Checkout 5 menswear clothing you should steal. Yes, right now! 

#1. Tuxedo Jackets

Your man’s oversized tuxedo jackets he wears to dinners might be the perfect outerwear you are missing this season. That’s right. Aside from elevating any casual look, the shoulder pads create an illusion of a longer silhouette. Rock this look with denim shorts, leather pants, or in a with a classic tee like Angel Obasi for that neatly tailored vibe. 

Photo: Instagram/@styleconnaisseur

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#2. Boyfriend Jeans

Aha! Now you see where the name was derived. There’s no better place to shop for the perfect boyfriend jeans than in your man’s closet. This menswear item is a wardrobe essential that can make any lady look effortlessly chic. Pair with heels and a loose fitting v-neck blouse or blazers. 

boyfriend jeans
Photo: Instagram|@iamdodos

#3. Socks

If you haven’t already pilfered all his socks in a feigned attempt at being chilly, then now is the time. The new trend of wearing socks on sandal heels and basically every other footwear shouldn’t leave you behind. Right! Go for it, we’re solidly behind you. 

Photo: Instagram | @mariahennighh

#4. Over-sized button down shirt

Finally, you get to appreciate your man’s bigger body size. Those button down shirts are about to be styled in more ways than one. They can be worn solo or with denim pants, on heels or sneakers. Whatever style you choose, you can do no wrong. 

oversized button down shirt for women style
Photo: Instagram | @angwitacho

#5. A gold wristwatch 

One of the most useful menswear items to add to your accessories archive is his gold wristwatch. It’s loose on the wrist? That’s the entire idea. Rock it like a bracelet and/or layer other plain pieces. 

Photo: Instagram |signedblake

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If your man insists on knowing whose idea it was, it wasn’t me!

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