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5 Key Things To Consider When Choosing A Wedding Venue

5 Key Things To Consider When Choosing A Wedding Venue


First, you had to find a someone to marry and now the next big thing is choosing your wedding venue! We all know planning a wedding is no walk in the park but once you figure out your venue, it should be comforting to know that you have solved half of this puzzle.

Whether you want to trade an altar for a lush, green garden or the serenity of a beach or just a good ol’ hall, your wedding venue is one thing you can’t skip or be carefree about. No matter how small the budget, you’ve got to have a place of convergence for family and friends to celebrate with you and your spouse.

The comfort of your guests all depends on your wedding space but most importantly, the overall aura of your special day also depends on it. So, whether you’re using a wedding planner or not, you need to ask the right questions before choosing a venue to create the wedding day of your dreams.

It has to be somewhere you actually like and a place you can comfortably afford to avoid extra crankiness on your big day. 

We’ve put together 5 things to add to your wedding venue checklist and you might want to strap this list on you…

1. Find your style

choosing  a wedding venue

Close your eyes and visualize how you want your wedding to feel. Where are you? Are you standing on a beach or in a grand ballroom? Are you outdoors with flowers as your backdrop or simply in a classy restaurant?

Formal? Rustic? Casual? Look for a venue that matches your preferred style. If “rustic” is your wedding style of choice, there’s probably no better wedding venue than a garden or farm.

2. Availability and capacity

choosing  a wedding venue

You might want to start making those calls the morning after your engagement because it’s possible your dream venue is already fully booked for the year. As soon as possible, find out if the venue is available on your preferred wedding date and if it has enough capacity to accommodate your estimated guest list.

While choosing a wedding venue, strike out any place, however dreamy, that doesn’t accommodate your head count, you want there to be enough room for your guests when it’s time to boogie on the dance floor.

3. Location, location, location…

Photo: Asad Photo Maldives | Pexels

If your wedding ceremony and reception are to be held at two different sites, make sure they are close to each other to avoid putting your guests off. You don’t want your guests to be late or for them to get lost trying to locate your reception venue. If possible, while choosing a wedding venue, pick a space that is located centrally.

4. Stick to your wedding budget

What is the point of falling in love with a place only for it to be financially inaccessible? It would be easier to snag your first choice and get the most bang for your buck if you have a wedding venue budget and stick to it. The earlier the better because it might be a wake up call to find out your dream venue is out of your budget. Also, before you sign that contract, make sure there aren’t any hidden costs.

HINT: Your dream of a perfect wedding venue is valid so, if you’re on a tight budget, you may want to look into reducing the number of guests. 

5. Upkeep

It is advisable to do your homework before you pay for the space. Check out the restrooms, staff behaviour, facilities and general maintenance of the venue. Check reviews online and if possible, make inquiries from previous customers. It is expedient to have your space spic and span at all times with hands-on staff who ensure it remains that way till the end of your event.

Exhaust all your questions before committing; Is there proper air conditioning? Is there a ‘backup’ space for your outdoor wedding if it suddenly starts to rain? Is there good lighting so that your guests can see as the evening goes on?”

Choosing a venue might seem cumbersome, nevertheless doing it with your partner will further your bonding and that’s definitely welcomed. But keep in mind that it could also lead to your first major argument due to differences in preferences. How you two work together on choosing the perfect wedding venue will lay a foundation for how you’ll work together on many other projects throughout your marriage.

Don’t be afraid to ask a million questions, it is the only way you will know if the venue is right for you.

Congratulations on your big day!

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