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5 Eyebrow Mistakes You Should Avoid Making at All Costs

5 Eyebrow Mistakes You Should Avoid Making at All Costs

As ladies, not all of us are makeup artiste but we just want to get the basics ofour makeup right without having to enroll in a beauty school. Most times we make mistakes while applying makeup but have no idea we’ve made any till months later when you look at an old picture and wonder: “what was I thinking here?”

Knowing that brows can make or break your makeup, check out some eyebrow mistakes you probably didn’t know you were making and how to correct them.

Matching your brow color to your exact hair color

It is no set rule that if you have a black hair, you should automatically use a black pencil, regardless of whether your hair color was naturally achieved or not. It is always best to go two shades lighter than your natural color, that way your brows looks more natural and less harsh.

Trying to make them identical

When drawing your brows, always remember that they are sisters, not twins. Obsessing over making your brows look similar can end up making you look worse than you would when they are just a bit different.

It’s best to allow them grow out naturally then with the help of a pro make-up artist, trim them to look similar.

Ignoring your natural arch

Every brow has it’s arch, pay a little more attention to observe where your arch lies. Not all arch’s are a perfect shape, however you can make your arch look more pronounced when you shape it’s opposite side.

Tweezing before a shower

This could make a few eyebrow slip out as the hot water from the shower can loosen the hair follicles and this could have a noticeable effect on the newly plucked brows. Avoid tweezing if you are going to bath soon.

Tweezing too often.

Research has shown that routinely tweezing the eyebrows every day can lead to some serious overplucking. Instead, shape your brows every one to two weeks, depending on your rate of hair growth. By allowing them to grow in a bit, you’ll have more to work with and avoid going too thin.

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