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5 Best Outfits For Women With Thicker Arms 

5 Best Outfits For Women With Thicker Arms 



onfidence is one accompanying factor that comes with picking out the right outfits. It’s all fun and games to wiggle and jiggle our arms until it’s time to get that summer body. While some women with thicker arms don’t mind the slightest bit, others might be self conscious and desire to dress up in outfits that distract from the arms.

In these times of diverse outfit options, dressing up just got easier, from flattering ¾ sleeves to tiny prints, outfits for women with thicker arms are not far fetched.

Check out these outfits for women with thicker arms and boost your confidence…

#1. A wide heart neckline dress

The myth is the longer the sleeves the better. While that could be an option, it’s not always the case. Wearing a wide heart neckline dress is super flattering, and can divert attention away from your arms. On the other hand, avoid high necklines and opt for the wide heart neckline options.

#2. A dark colored jumpsuit

It’s not a secret that dark colored pieces have an overall slimming effect. A dark colored jumpsuit will create an illusion of a slimmer silhouette and splash on just the right amount of elegance.

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#3. Off the shoulder dress

Off the shoulder outfits flatter the upper silhouette and distracts from the arms. Women with thicker arms look loads better in this outfit. Avoid too many details on the outfit as it might end up appearing bulky.

#4. Tiny printed ¾ kimono jacket

The more the prints, the larger the appearance. Choose jackets or tops with little prints, and avoid large prints as well as vertical stripes. Tiny prints and ¾ sleeves are legit outfits for women with thicker arms.

#5. Accessorize

Using bold accessories to vamp up your look would help draw attention away from your thick arms. Go creative with your choice of accessories, from shoes, to bags and jewelry.

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Although this might sound over emphasized, dress up according to your body type and wear more flattering pieces as opposed to trends.

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