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5 Best Nail Polish For Dark Skin Tones | #SRApproved

5 Best Nail Polish For Dark Skin Tones | #SRApproved


Finding the perfect nail polish for dark skin tones can be a bit of a task especially when you have a special occasion to attend and want to show up in top style down to your fingertips. There is no one colour fits all because like with everything fashion and beauty, the perfect selection depends on the individual and her unique skin tone.

As a dark-skinned woman, you should know that you have a fascinating natural beauty and also one of the lucky ones when it comes to picking a nail polish. There are so many colours you can choose from as a dark-skin beauty and one thing you should note is that bright and shiny manicure are not only for light skin girls.

Always confused about which nail polish colour would complement your dark skin tone? If you want to attract some attention you can definitely opt for bright and bold colours, but be sure to test the colour on one finger before going all out with it. Dark colours might look too strong on our hands but you’d be surprised to find that the right dark colour might just look divine on your skin tone. The key is to play around with different colours and review nail vloggers who have similar skin tones to yours to see which dark colours looked great on them.

Luckily we live in the social media age where we can easily get inspiration from our dark-skinned celebrities, influencers and nail artists. We have curated five of the best nail polish colours for dark skin. From classic hues to modern mixed shades, these colours are really beautiful and you can’t go wrong with them.

Here are 5 of the best nail polish for dark skin tones…

1. Pink Nails

Toni The Nail Slayer 
Toni The Nail Slayer

2. Burgundy Nails


3. Pastel-coloured Ombré Nails

Beverly Naya
Beauty Atelier Africa

4. Nude Nails

Jackie Aina

5. Coral Nails


Photo Credit: Instagram | As Captioned – Nail Polish for Dark Skin Tones

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