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4 Popular Makeup Looks You Can Pull Off With Your Red Dress | Hello Valentine!

4 Popular Makeup Looks You Can Pull Off With Your Red Dress | Hello Valentine!


Nothing beats the red dress when you want to be bold as red dresses bring out an alluring yet bold look in all women. But be aware it is a tricky look to pull off. Since the colour red is so bold choosing the right accessories and face beat that would match your dress perfect can be so delicate. A slight wrong move and the whole look goes from sexy to circus-y. However, the standing rule in wearing a red dress is to stay away from heavy makeup so you don’t look overdone. On the other hand no makeup at all will leave you looking dull up top.

Bearing in mind that the Valentine season is knocking and knowing how popular the colour red is with lovers during this season, we’ve put together 4 makeup looks that will help you look simply elegant with your red dress.

1. Nude Glam On Red

Red is bright and flashy, highlighting every single feature would make you lose the elegance. The nude glam look has been spotted on many celebs this awards season’s red carpets with some wearing their red dresses. No need for any embellishment on your face when wearing a red dress, let your skin radiate a nude and bronze look.


2. Smokey Eye

Many think that the smokey eye will clash with the red dress but when done properly, smokey eyes go really well with the drama of a red dress. The pairing of smokey eyes with a red dress is very alluring especially for a night time look. But remember, your eyes are talking so your face and lips must take a back seat.


3. Old School Glam

Not much explanation needed here. The subtlety of old school glam is complementary to the drama of a red dress.


4. Red On Red

This is for the bolder women. Wearing red lipsticks and nude eye with a red dress is a classic and vintage combination. This bold look is perfect for a night time party but again you have to be confident to pull it off.


Whether you are the host or a guest at any event, you will sure draw attention with these simple makeup tips. And if you’re going on a date, you will definitely get compliments from your Valentine. Wink!

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