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See The 10 Co-ord Sets We’ve Been Preparing Our Summer Bodies For | #GoAwayCOVID-19

See The 10 Co-ord Sets We’ve Been Preparing Our Summer Bodies For | #GoAwayCOVID-19


Co-ord sets are literally the best invention in the history of fashion. They are separates made to be worn together, which automatically means your outfit is picked out for you with little or no work on your end. All you have to do is accessorize right and voilà! you’ll look so polished and not at all like you took 30 seconds to throw on an outfit.

When thinking about co-ord sets, it really doesn’t matter what kind of look you want because there is always a matching two-piece outfit that suits you exactly. Back in the days, these twin sets were the epitome of fifties elegance, but now, you can find casual, fun, sophisticated, and even beachwear co-ords. So there’s literally no excuse for not joining in on this trend.

With a variety of options, choosing the right co-ord outfits depend on your destination as you can opt for a skirt, trousers or shorts and top combo. With the skirt combo, you can decide to go for the mini, midi, or maxi skirt depending on what look you are gunning for.

Style tip here:

The key to slaying any co-ord outfit lies in dressing according to your body type and current mood. For the top, you can opt for a sleeveless top or a sleeved one depending on the temperature or the flair you want to give off. You can also decide if showing off your mid-riff defines your personality or whether you’d rather opt for a look that is revealing without flaunting too much. 

Our Editors––who’ve spent the past few weeks and months working out to get back their summer bodies––will easily tell you that if the coronavirus lets them be great, their mid-riffs will definitely be at the forefront of their hot girl Summer 2020 look!

Check out the 10 co-ord looks our editors are working out for…

Toke Makinwa co-ord set
Instagram: Toke Makinwa
Hailey Bieber nude co-ord set
Instagram: Hailey Bieber

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Nene Bandage Maxi Pencil Skirt & Crop Top Set

Sharon Ooja matching yellow two-piece
Instagram: Sharon Ooja
Aimee Song peach matching two-piece with frills
Instagram: Aimee Song
Charlie Kamalie green co-ord set
Instagram: Charlie Kamale

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Susie Stretch Maxi Pencil Skirt & Crop Top Set

Olivia Pierson white lacy two-piece matching co-ord set
Instagram: Olivia Pierson
Mari Pazz lemon green two-piece
Instagram: Marii Pazz
Lelizwe Sibisi long sleeve two-piece
Instagram: Lelizwe Sibisi
Instagram: Aimee Song
Dr Sonia exaggerated sleeve crop top two-piece
Instagram: Dr. Sonia

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