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#SRCOTD: 30 SR-Approved Ways To Wear Blush Pink

#SRCOTD: 30 SR-Approved Ways To Wear Blush Pink


If you are not the typical pink girl but want to introduce pink into your wardrobe, then going blush is the best place to start. Blush is a shade of pink that is subdued and understated in a sophisticated, chic way. This is because blush acts more like a neutral tone and adds a little softness and femininity to just about any look.

From the psychology of colours, strong shades of pinks have been linked with confidence and energy while calmer shades suggest tenderness, care, calmness and female strength. One of these calmer shades is the blush colour. But we have to admit that though blush appears easy and youthful, it can be a tad tricky to style.

Style tip:

With the blush colour, you would think one tone does it all. However, there are tons of blush tones out there – from really soft tones to richer, saturated hues, this colour has it all. If you want to start out styling with blush, it is best to start small and safe.

Consider starting with simple blush accessories then pairing your blush blouse, dress, jumpsuit, pants, blazer or a full suit with accessories or clothing pieces in complementary tones like cream, brown, gold and white. As you get more comfortable, progressively advance to pairing blush with bolder hues like shades of green and burgundy.

Ready to make a statement in blush?

Here are 30 ways to wear blush pink according to some of our fave celebrities and Style Ravens…

A Suited Slay

how to style blush
Michelle Obama in Stine Goya

how to style blush
Rihanna in Fenty for The NY Times Style Magazine

Ini Edo

Melody Molale

Julitha Kabete in Catwalk Connection


A Dressy Affair

Liya Kebede in Valentino

how to style blush
Toke Makinwa in Self-Portrait

Juju Castaneda in Lovely Wholesale

Tracy Nwapa in Loruma

Siyanda Dzenga in SnB Designs

Chioma Ikokwu in Style Temple in Zara


Blush Complements

Leila Lopes

Caroline Daur via @thestylestalkercom

Nimi Nwofor

Mariam Mohammad

Nyakim Gatwech

Amra Olević Reyes in FashionNova


A Coordinated Approach

Alicia Keys

Nina Chinonso Onyenobi

Marii Pazz

Chinyere Chi-Chi Adogu

how to style blush
Sonia Pookie


Charlie Kamale


Ola Adewale in OlarsGrace

Nthabiseng Khoza


Blush Casually

Jasmine Sanders for SI Swimsuit

Toke Makinwa in Pierce Clothing

Blair Eadie

Photo Credit: Instagram | As Captioned 

A blushy strut!

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