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ICYMI: 10 Steps To Building A Rave-worthy Style Profile Like Toke Makinwa

ICYMI: 10 Steps To Building A Rave-worthy Style Profile Like Toke Makinwa


We’ve come to expect a certain level of finesse when it comes to Toke Makinwa’s style, and maybe that’s because she rarely disappoints when it comes to her fashion takes. The 34-year-old on-air personality, entrepreneur, author and vlogger is one who has mastered what works for her when it comes to her style and sticks to that formula like white on rice.

The self-crowned glam queen is a lover of foreign luxury labels but that’s not to say that she doesn’t support indigenous designers. It’s fair to say that she also patronizes African designers regularly.

Developing a rave-worthy style profile is about knowing yourself and what works for you and your body type. It’s also about using your style to convey nonverbal messages to the world about who you are, what you stand for, what you deserve and how you expect to be treated.

Toke Makinwa is no stranger to using her style to portray her elegant, chic and sultry sides. From her casual style takes to her red carpet slays, Toke’s style has continued to evolve ever since she came on the scenes, and in recent years, she seems to have nailed onto a formula that works magic for her. We’ll show you how you can do the same.

Though she has a glam team to help her out, we can’t deny the fact that her input plays a part in creating looks that consistently add value to her personal brand and that she knows how to effortlessly pull off every look she wears.

To build a rave-worthy style profile, you first have to consider your budget. What’s your monthly shopping budget like? What’s the most you’re conveniently able to spend on a single fashion item? Remember it’s not about how much an item costs but how well you style it and how well you wear it. I bet you’ve seen people wear the most expensive fashion pieces and still look like a joke. Haven’t you?

Another thing to consider is: how well you understand your body type. This is essential as not all outfits you like will look good on you. Remember, fit is key at all times. Then your accessories have to complement your outfit and most importantly, you have to wear an air of confidence by owning every look of yours.

Here are steps to building a rave-worthy style profile like Toke Makinwa…

1. When wearing a multi-colored outfit, your accessories should be based on the colors already present on the clothing


2. A monochrome look is the easiest way to look sophisticated. Spice up your monochrome attire by employing different textures in the same color family. Notice how the lace corset brings an extra level of oomph to Toke’s stunning all-red suit look?


3. When the outfit is simple, one accessory should bring the drama. More than one statement accessory could have you looking loud and gauche!


4. Wear pieces that accentuate your best assets. For Toke Makinwa, that’s her new curves. What’s yours? Your shoulder, legs? Got curves? Then show it off in a subtle, non-raunchy way.



5. Invest in statement accessories. Take a good look around, the most stylish celebrities and influencers are the ones who have an abundance of accessories to glam up the most basic of looks. Don’t be afraid of hats and sunglasses. The right hat will take any look from a 6 to a 10 within a second!

6. When you really want to stand out, wear a hairstyle you can bet very few people will show up in.

7. Bring life to your neutral looks by understanding the power of a pop of color. Notice how Toke sparks up her neutral-toned looks with a bold or bright colored shoe and/or handbag. “Daz how stars do!”


8. Invest in a few designer items. But… please stay true to your budget. Designer items have a magical power of effortlessly taking any look a notch above. Start with designer bags, then shoes, then belts before thinking of designer sunglasses and jewelry. Again, be loyal to your bank account and remember you can still look fabulous without a single designer item on. It all boils down to how well you color-coordinate your look.

9. The less colors you wear at a time, the more elegant / richer you look. So, when you go shopping, think of the fashion items you already have and try to buy pieces that complement or stylishly contrast the pieces you already have. Be intentional about how you shop. Don’t just buy an item because everyone is wearing it. Does it fit into your overall style profile? Does it work with any item you already have or is it going to end up gathering dust in your closet because you have nothing to wear it with?


10. Understand the importance of functional dressing. Where are you headed? What’s the occasion? Do you have to walk around a lot? Do high heel shoes work for the event? Is a sling bag more appropriate so your hands are freed up? Think your outfit through before you step out of the house. Find a balance between style, function and comfort.

Toke Makinwa understands these principles which is why you will catch her stepping out in everything from flats to heels to sneakers and everything in-between!

And there you have it! Your guide to building a rave-worthy style profile in no time.

Originally published September 30, 2019

Photo credit: Instagram | Tokemakinwa

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