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#SRCOTD: 15 Looks That Prove That Camel Tones Are The Hottest Shades Of The Season

#SRCOTD: 15 Looks That Prove That Camel Tones Are The Hottest Shades Of The Season


Camel tones as the colour implies is a shade of brown that looks just like the colour of the hair on a camel. According to Wikipedia, the first recorded use of camel as a colour name in English was in 1916.

Camel tones are sophisticated, elegant and fashionable, especially during the colder and dryer months of the year but the best part about this earthy tone lies in the fact that it can be worn all year long.

Camel is a gorgeous neutral shade and you will find that the cooler the camel tone, the more pinkish tinge it will have, while the warm undertones are more yellowed.


From the psychology of colours, brown is a natural colour that evokes a sense of strength and reliability. It’s often seen as solid, much like the earth and it’s a colour associated with resilience, dependability, security and safety. Brown brings to mind feelings of warmth, comfort and security. It’s also described as natural, down-to-earth and conventional.

Camel tones style tips:

Camel is one of those colours that every Style Raven should own in her wardrobe. Often referred to as nude depending on the shade, camel tone outfits can be paired with just about any other colour but whites, blacks and other shades of browns are traditionally preferred.

Nearly as versatile as black, camel goes very well with nearly every other colour, from basic to bold. This is one of the reasons it will never go out of style. The easiest way to style this colour is to pair the warm camel shades with cool colours and the soft camel tones with bold colours.

Ready to introduce camel tones to your wardrobe?

Here are 15 more looks that will fuel your love for camel tones…

Camel dresses

Ify Okoye
Maya Diab
Chic Ama
Stephanie Cole

Camel tops

Melissa Holdbrook-Akposoe
Micah Gianneli
Veronica Sither

Camel layers

Füsun Lindner (Short stories and skirts)
Alexandra Lapp
Suga Shin
Courtney Berry
Vola Udabe Randri Olaizolav
Vola Udabe Randri

Camel bottoms

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